Raspberry Pi 2 runs a version of Windows 10 and is just $35

The ever-so-basic Raspberry Pi microcomputer — which costs a tiny amount of money and is designed to get youngsters interested in coding — is perhaps the most exciting thing to happen to computing in years. So when a new version of the Pi makes its debut, we pay attention.

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Microsoft reveals the next-gen Xbox Series X, coming holiday 2020

The Game Awards 2019 are underway in Los Angeles right now, where Seattle-based developer Microsoft took the stage to announce the name of its next-generation console, Xbox Series X.

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Keep robocalls from pestering your phone. Here’s what you can do

There are few things more annoying than constantly receiving calls from numbers you think you know, only to hear a recording congratulating you for winning a trip to the Bahamas or that your vehicle’s warranty has expired.

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NASA finds water ice just below the surface of Mars

To explore the solar system beyond our planet, one important factor is the ability to locate water which can be used for drinking and for creating rocket fuel. To assist in the hunt for water on neighboring Mars, NASA has released a “treasure map” of potential ice locations on the red planet.

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Montblanc Meisterstück Calligraphy 149 Expression Nib

Due to the enormous influx of spammers, it is no longer possible to handle valditions in the traditional way. For registrations we therefore kindly and respectfully request you to send an email with your request to our especially created email address.

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Google’s 2019 search trends mark a big year for Baby Yoda and ‘Endgame’

Disney captured the 2019 zeitgeist in multiple ways, according Google’s annual year in search roundup. While the streaming service is just a month old, “Disney Plus” was the top-trending search term of the year in the US, meaning it had the highest spike in traffic over a period of time.

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Crisis On Infinite Earths is the most comic book thing ever made for TV

Going to the theater now feels like going to a comic book shop. You can usually pick between Marvel or DC at the box office every summer. This extends to TV and streaming — it’s possible to have an entertainment diet made entirely of superhero media and still not get to it all.

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iOS 13.3 arrives with full support for physical security keys

Apple is releasing its new iOS 13.3 update today with a pair of big features for all compatible devices. One of those is a major security update that enables the use FIDO2-compliant USB-C, NFC, and Lightning physical security devices with Apple’s Safari browser.

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Incognito mode in Google Maps for iOS is rolling out now

Google has announced that Incognito mode for Google Maps on iOS is rolling out today. Google first announced the feature at its I/O developer conference in May, and it’s already available for Google Maps on Android. Incognito mode works a lot like it does in the Chrome browser.

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First Wonder Woman 1984 trailer reunites Gal Gadot’s superhero with Chris Pine

Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman is returning to the big screen to save the world — but this time, she’s not fighting alongside the Allies in World War I. The first trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 transports the superheroine to a decade defined by big hair, iconic musicians, and Ghostbusters.

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Montblanc numbering system

In the late 1930’s Montblanc introduced their new numbering system for pen models. This consisted of a three-digit number, sometimes with an additional letter at the end. This model number can be “read” if you know how to decode it. The third number is the size of the nib.

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