Disney now owns 21st Century Fox, X-Men, and most of Hulu

After more than a year of working to get final approval, Disney’s lengthy process of acquiring 21st Century Fox is finally done.

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Watch Google’s GDC 2019 event in 14 minutes

Earlier today at GDC 2019, Google officially revealed Stadia, a game-streaming service that will be available later this year in US, Canada, the UK and Europe.

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Solar Jets Cause Standing Waves in Earth’s Magnetic Field

When jets of charged particles from the sun hit our magnetosphere, some of the ensuing ripples travel towards the north and southern poles and get reflected back. The resulting interference allows standing waves to form, like on a drumhead.

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Google will shut down its Inbox app on April 2nd

Google+ isn’t the only Mountain View property that’s getting the axe on April 2nd. Apparently, the Inbox app is also bidding its users farewell on the same day. The tech giant first revealed that it’s going to discontinue its smarter take on email late last year, but it didn’t say when specifically.

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How phones went from $200 to $2,000

Phones are more expensive than ever. Flagship devices from Apple, Samsung, Google, and other top manufacturers can now cost hundreds of dollars more than they did just a couple of years ago.

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Best mice for gaming on your PC

Whether you require 1,500 buttons on your mouse for control over all your character skills in an MMO, or you need absolute precision for the latest first-person shooter, having a decent mouse for your gaming PC is worth the investment. There are different kinds of mice too.

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What’s Holding Smart Cities Back?

With the global population set to reach 9.7 billion by 2050, two thirds of which will be living in cities, according to United Nations projections, governments worldwide are already facing an array of challenges in ensuring the sustainability, security and success of an ever-more-crowded planet.

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After two fatal Boeing plane crashes, the world turned on the US

China moved first. Indonesia followed. Then Singapore and Australia. By midday Wednesday more than 30 countries and airlines from India to Italy had banned Boeing 737 Max jets from their skies after a second fatal crash of one of the planes brought the death toll to 346 people.

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There’s Mounting Evidence That Parkinson’s Starts in The Gut – Not The Brain

Scientists have found mounting evidence that Parkinson’s could start in the gut before spreading to the brain, with one study in 2017 observing lower rates of the disease in patients who had undergone a procedure called a truncal vagotomy.

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The first woman to fly commercial to space describes what it’s like to see Earth from 55 miles up

On February 22nd, Virgin Galactic’s passenger spaceplane VSS Unity took to the skies above the Mojave Desert in California during a test flight, carrying a type of rider it’s never had before. On board the vehicle was Beth Moses, the first passenger the Unity has ever flown.

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Dark mode has taken over: the latest developments on this battery-saving feature

There’s a lot of hype surrounding dark mode, a simple toggle that lets you change the background color of an app window to black. Some enjoy it simply for aesthetic reasons and because it allows for a slightly customized look compared to the default design.

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Tesla unveils its Model Y crossover

To say Tesla has been busy lately is a bit of an understatement. It finally opened orders for its long-awaited $35,000 Standard Range Model 3, it reversed a decision to shutter some of its showrooms, and it showed off its V3 Supercharging.

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