Apple TV 4K box gets a long-overdue upgrade: Everything new

It may have taken nearly three years, but Apple is finally giving the Apple TV 4K an upgrade, announced at Apple’s ‘Spring Loaded’ event. The new streaming box costs $179 (£169, AU$249) with 32GB or $199 (£189, AU$279) for 64GB and boasts the company’s A12 Bionic processor. via Technology and News Today

Tracking Coronavirus Vaccinations Around the World

More than 928 million vaccine doses have been administered worldwide, equal to 12 doses for every 100 people. There is already a stark gap between vaccination programs in different countries, with some yet to report a single dose. via Technology and News Today

You can buy Apple’s new $60 Siri remote a la carte for your old Apple TV, too

Apple has finally excised its much-maligned Apple TV remote with a new iteration that ditches the confusing touchpad for some good old-fashioned buttons. But you won’t need to shell out for Apple’s updated Apple TV 4K to get one. via Technology and News Today

Why is the old Apple TV HD still so expensive?

Apple refreshed its Apple TV 4K streaming box today with upgraded specs and, perhaps most importantly, a redesigned, simpler Siri remote. When the new device ships in late May, it’ll cost the same price as before: $179 for a 32GB unit or $199 for 64GB. via Technology and News Today

Apple’s AirTag tracks your items for $29

Apple unveiled the long-awaited AirTags at its “Spring Loaded” virtual event today, introducing them as accessories that join the company’s Find My service. The fobs can be customized with engravings of characters, letters and emoji. via Technology and News Today

The new Apple TV 4K gets a revamped remote and A12 Bionic chip

At its Spring Forward event, Apple announced a new Apple TV 4K streaming box, its first since 2017. New to this model is the company’s A12 Bionic chip. Apple says the updated silicon allows the Apple TV to play HDR video at higher frame rates, as well as decode video faster. via Technology and News Today

Apple is bringing Touch ID to the new iMacs

Apple’s ultra-colorful new iMacs will include wireless Touch ID capabilities. This will allow users to log in, swap profiles and complete purchases with Apple Pay on the iMac. The feature will be built into specific versions of the keyboard that will be sold alongside the fresh iMac line. via Technology and News Today

iOS 14.5 will roll out next week

Seven months after iOS 14 was released, Apple has today revealed that iOS 14.5 will begin rolling out the week of April 26th. At its iPad event, the company declined to offer a specific date, but its press materials said that the new software would arrive “next week.” Despite being a . via Technology and News Today

Sleeping Too Little in Middle Age May Increase Dementia Risk, Study Finds

The research, tracking thousands of people from age 50 on, suggests those who sleep six hours or less a night are more likely to develop dementia in their late 70s. Could getting too little sleep increase your chances of developing dementia? via Technology and News Today

PS5: The Ultimate Guide To PlayStation 5

Everything you need to know about PlayStation 5 in one handy guide. Use the chapters and timestamps to navigate for specific queries!

00:00 – 00:45 Introduction
00:45 – 01:33 PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition
01:33 – 03:07 Physical Breakdown
03:07 – 06:31 Tech Specs and Hardware
06:31 – 08:43 Game Instal via Technology and News Today

Sony admits it made ‘wrong decision’ and will keep PS3, Vita stores open

Sony has announced that it’ll be keeping its PS3 and PlayStation Vita digital storefront open “for the foreseeable future.” The PSP’s store will still be , as originally planned. “Upon further reflection, however, it’s clear that we made the wrong decision here. via Technology and News Today