Biden will review tech supply chains to reduce dependence on China

The US is still heavily dependent on other countries for technology manufacturing (among other products), and President Biden is looking for ways to reduce that dependence. via Technology and News Today

Johnson & Johnson’s single-shot vaccine is effective, FDA confirms

The one-dose COVID-19 vaccine made by Johnson & Johnson protects against severe disease and has no serious safety concerns, according to a new analysis published today by the US Food and Drug Administration. via Technology and News Today

Biden to sign executive order calling for semiconductor supply chain review

President Biden is set to sign an executive order Wednesday to address growing concern over a global semiconductor shortage hampering the production of goods like automobiles and smartphones. via Technology and News Today

A New Generation of Wi-Fi to Improve Your Home Network

The technology, Wi-Fi 6, is designed to reduce congestion from devices. We put it to the test. When the pandemic upended our lives, many of us were forced to stay home and shift our work and hobbies to the internet. Office meetings and classrooms were replaced with video calls. via Technology and News Today

‘Next-gen’ USPS vehicles can use gas or electric motors | Engadget

The US Postal Service plans to have a new mail van on American roads by 2023. A new contract will see Oshkosh Defense manufacture between 50,000 and 165,000 “Next Generation Delivery Vehicles” for the agency over the next 10 years. via Technology and News Today

Samsung S21 Ultra Review: This Blew Me Away!

Review done by me on the S21 Ultra in Phantom black. With a big ole beautiful display Super AMOLED display, a 120Hz refresh rate screen, 4 cameras to boot, and a large battery… what more can someone ask for? At this price point you better hope it has top tier specs or else it isn’t worth

I apol via Technology and News Today

Stonehenge bluestones, new discoveries, and by-pass injunction

WILTSHIRE, England – The Wild Hunt has featured Stonehenge repeatedly over the past few months with the news of a new road tunnel beneath the site being greenlit for 2021 to take the strain of the A303 traffic. via Technology and News Today

Anker’s MagSafe-compatible battery pack will stick to your iPhone on March 3rd

Anker has released a new MagSafe-compatible battery pack that can attach directly to your iPhone to offer charging without the need for a cable, 9to5Google reports. The Anker PowerCore Magnetic 5K Wireless Power Bank will launch on March 3rd for $39. via Technology and News Today

There’s a hidden message in the parachute of NASA’s Mars rover

The parachute that helped NASA’s Perseverance rover land on Mars last week unfurled to reveal a seemingly random pattern of colors in video clips of the rover’s landing. But there was more to the story: NASA officials later said it contained a hidden message written in binary computer code. via Technology and News Today

Android update adds scheduled texts and improves accessibility

The first developer preview of Android 12 may not have told us a lot about what to expect from the next version of Google’s mobile OS, but we’re getting new features sooner than we expected. via Technology and News Today

7 Underused Monster Races in Dungeons & Dragons

There are several underused monster races in Dungeons & Dragons. These are among those with the most potential that people use the least often. In Dungeons & Dragons, you can play as any number of creatures, but many players stop at humans, elves and half-elves. via Technology and News Today

Cinemagic permanently closing all theaters, including 3 in NH

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Sony will offer ‘Ratchet and Clank’ PS4 for free, no PS Plus required

Sony offered free games and other entertainment last spring to help PlayStation gamers get through the early COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s bringing that campaign back for what could be the last several months of lockdowns (Hopefully? Please?). via Technology and News Today

Oppo demos true wireless charging on its rollable phone

Apparently Xiaomi isn’t the only mobile company working on over-the-air wireless charging. At MWC Shanghai 2021 earlier today, Oppo unveiled its own take on this futuristic tech, which is aptly dubbed “Wireless Air Charging” for now. via Technology and News Today