8K at CES 2020: The future or a waste of time?

It was hard to escape 8K TVs this year at CES. Sony, Samsung, LG and TCL all showed off new 8K models, with the full intention of actually selling them to consumers. That’s a big shift from previous years, when it’s always seemed like some far-off technology awaiting industry support.

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Oscars 2020: all the nominations

This year’s Academy Award nominations went as predictably as possible, giving Netflix another run to nab some trophies this awards season after practically being shut out at the Golden Globe Awards.

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The Canon 1D X Mark III Is Officially Announced, With 20 FPS and a New Processor

The Canon 1D X Mark III – the camera that wildlife and sports photographers have been waiting for, and that will rival the upcoming Nikon D6 just in time for the Summer Olympics. The Canon 1D X line is far out of the price range of most photographers. Yet it still inspires constant discussion.

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US may permanently ground civilian drone program over China fears

The US Interior Department’s decision to halt a civilian drone program might not be so temporary. Financial Times sources claim the department plans to permanently end use of nearly 1,000 drones after determining there was too high a risk of the Chinese government using them for spying purposes.

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Tesla cars will soon talk to pedestrians

If you’re a Tesla owner, you might not have to open a window to let your intentions be known to passers-by. Elon Musk has teased plans to let Tesla cars “talk” to pedestrians through external speakers (presumably the ones added to comply with sound requirements in the EU and US).

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Huawei launches the new openEuler OS: will it replace Android and Windows?

Huawei has just released the source code of openEuler, a Linux distribution based on CentOS. Even if Huawei doesn’t say it, the fact that the distribution is optimized for ARM and x86 makes it on paper an excellent candidate to replace Android and Windows.

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Microsoft will NOT be pushing out the new Edge via Windows Update to everyone

We reported in December that Microsoft has revealed that they will be pushing out the Chromium-based Edge browser to the majority of Windows 10 users. Microsoft will be pushing out the update, replacing the old Edge, to all Windows 10 users on Windows 10 RS4 (April 2018 Update) and newer.

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Doctor Strange sequel is shaping up to be Marvel’s most intriguing movie

Scott Derrickson’s vision for a true horror movie in the form of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness excited MCU fans. But a little over a year before the movie’s release, Derrickson is stepping down.

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GM reportedly plans to bring back the Hummer as an electric pickup

The car once most synonymous with gas-guzzling excess could soon get a second lease on life as an eco-friendly electric vehicle (EV). According to the Wall Street Journal, General Motors plans to bring back the Hummer as a battery-powered pickup truck in early 2022.

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Omen Days 12-13 — and a Full Moon

The source of my omen for Day 12 is you, my readers. In your continued re-reading of my April 2017 post on the Grail Cross (and your silence in response to my requests for feedback!), I find a useful omen for our days ahead: we need both Grail and Cross energies.

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Microsoft’s Windows Terminal is getting retro-style CRT effects, search, and more

Microsoft released its new Windows Terminal command line app last year, and the company has been steadily improving it in Windows 10 ever since. The software maker is now preparing a new update due next week that will introduce retro-style CRT effects.

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The new August Smart Lock: Sleeker, 45% smaller and Wi-Fi built-in

August retrofit smart locks are popular, and for good reason. We gave multiple generations of August locks our Editors’ Choice Award for their easy installation, great app and smart home integration. One of the few downsides to the retrofit lock was its size.

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Stampede at Iranian General’s Funeral Kills Dozens

The crush at a procession honoring Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani in his hometown after his killing in a U.S. airstrike also injured hundreds of people, the state news media reported. BEIRUT, Lebanon — More than three dozen people died in a stampede during the state funeral procession for Maj. Gen.

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