! Yes,  I’m getting the Apple Watch but these prices are stupid. (and I’m not even talking about the gold) 
Steel or aluminum shouldn’t break $600 with the band. Any of them. Period!
     1K for a steel watch and link band is retarded.

     Apple just lopped off 50% of it’s purchase base. 

     Rule of thumb for any smart watch, The Watch is a companion device that should not cost more than the device that it’s paired to. (unsubsidized cost) 

     $450 bucks for a steel link watchband? DUMB DUMB DUMB!
#-> Wait for the 3rd party watch bands that are sure to come. <-#

     Most pot shots at Apple by Apple H8TRs are usually uninformed and wrong, if you want to slam Apple?
     Price Slam Away to your hearts content!!!
     Any FanBoy that defends this pricing has completely OD’d on the Cool-Aid and needs to be put down.

/Rant Off

News Reporter