The iPad will fail! No one needs that! No one will spend that much money for that!  Boy were they ever wrong!!
      The iPad was a want, not a need. 
The iPad was simply a bigger iPhone. Why would you want that?!? 
As it turns out that size up in visual real estate was needed and wanted and we did’t even know we did want it!! Soon the world was full of Tablets by all manufacturers trying to get a piece of the apple pie! 

      The Apple Watch will most likely be the same but in reverse. Less visual real estate and ease of access to our information!
      I don’t want to reach into my pocket with every update or twitter, FB or my weather app! It would be great not to thumb through my wallet to pull my iPhone out to pay for something. Guess what, The Apple Watch will make all of this convenient, fast and just at the flip of your wrist! 

      Apple specializes in and excels in figuring out what we want or need before we know we do and then how to do it as simply as possible. This watch will be no different. This being said, this is the quality that separates Apple from the rest, this is a huge contributing factor as to why Apple is the most valuable company on the planet. It’s worth doubles Samsung. 

      What distinguishes this ‘smart watch’ from the rest of the companies that rushed to beat Apple to the punch and get their smart watches on the street first after Apple announced they were making a watch? 
        It’s the apps and functionality and even that phone integration everyone is boo-hissing (besides, who leaves the house without their phone?) !  
(Yes yes you need to charge it daily, I don’t sleep with a watch on so it’s a non-issue) 
However the apps, now there’s $ for developers and lucrative additional functionality to Apples new watch which already has double the functionality of the leading smart watches on the market now! 

I was an iPad doubter. I’m betting I won’t make the same mistake twice. The Apple Watch will do fine but we shall see soon enough one way or the other.

News Reporter