With everyone so focused on battery and the fact that you need an iPhone people lost sight of what the Apple Watch offers for functionality. The Apple watch has double the functionality of all the leading smart watches on the market now. This doesn’t include the apps being developed now by third parties. Developers make more selling iOS apps so there is bound to be a lot.
What will help Apple pull into the lead? Functionality. If the watch cannot do much you’ll loose interest, if you can keep expanding and altering what the watch can do you’ll hold interest.

Battery isn’t the issue, being paired to your phone will boost the functionlity far beyond what you can imagine. I don’t sleep with a watch on so charging at night is a non-issue. For having to pair to a phone, well I don’t leave home without my phone, most people don’t, so this is also a non-issue.

Anyhow, for the meat of the post … techchrunch’s compilation of apps/app previews!
(The below image if from the techcruch website)



Here is a list of apps from maclife.com

  • Alarm
  • Apple TV and iTunes: Control Apple TV or your iTunes library on a Mac or PC; listen to iTunes radio
  • Calendar: Meeting reminders, calendar invitations
  • Maps: Turn-by-turn navigation that is accompanied by varying wrist taps that hint at which way to go when walking
  • Music: Can control music playback on an iPhone, or you can even leave your phone at home and listen to music while jogging
  • Passbook: Works with Apple Pay
  • Photos: Meant for a more personal collection of photos that you’ve checked as favorites
  • Remote Camera: Works as a remote for your iPhone’s iSight camera. You can set your phone down, stand in front of it, and use the watch display to frame the perfect photo.
  • Siri: Dictate a message, find nearby locations, view your events, and more.
  • Stocks
  • Stopwatch: Digital, analog, or hybrid view; can show an average of your lap times on a graph.
  • Timer
  • Weather
  • World Clock


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