Entering the Shadowlands: Introduction Questline

Entering the Shadowlands: Introduction Questline

During the intro questline, players will be introduced to the The Maw for the first time, which is the “max-level” zone of the Shadowlands.

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World Of Warcraft Now Requires an SSD To Run Shadowlands Expansion

World Of Warcraft Now Requires an SSD To Run Shadowlands Expansion

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands’ full PC system requirements are unveiled, and the expansion finally requires players to have SSD storage.

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This is when you’ll unlock each rank riding skills in Shadowlands — including flight

This is when you’ll unlock each rank riding skills in Shadowlands — including flight
One of the biggest questions that arose when Blizzard announced the leveling squish in Shadowlands was “How is flying going to work?” And now that the Shadowlands alpha is out, we finally have an answer.
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How to manage Corrupted gear for your undergeared alts

Whether you’re just coming back to World of Warcraft for patch 8.3, or you’ve been playing for a while and you just decided to get your alts up to speed with the gear options like Old God Assaults, one thing you may not really be prepared for is just how quickly Corruption can get out of hand.

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10 Ways to Make Gold in Patch 8.2

Patch 8.2 gold making guide! Going over 10 gold making methods that I’ve used in Patch 8.2 to earn the remaining gold I needed for my Caravan Brutosaur auctioneer mount. Gold making is quite good in 8.2 and a lot of it comes down to professions- crafting new 8.2 items can be really profitable. This

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The Biggest AH Changes in Patch 8.3 – Brand New Auction House System!

The Auction House is growing up! Coming soon in patch 8.3, the WoW AH is getting some much-needed love. This 8.3 AH update video will walk you through the new stock auction house UI for buying and selling as well as look at the best new features. Stack size is becoming much less important with the n

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