TAG Heuer’s special edition smartwatch is made for the golf course

TAG Heuer’s special edition smartwatch is made for the golf course
The Golf app’s new Driving Zone feature links to the user’s smartphone to show the best part of the course to target based on past rounds. Each previous tee shot will be overlaid onto a map, helping the player to hone their swing.
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TAG Heuer’s special edition smartwatch is made for the golf course

TAG Heuer’s special edition smartwatch is made for the golf course
The Golf app’s new Driving Zone feature links to the user’s smartphone to show the best part of the course to target based on past rounds. Each previous tee shot will be overlaid onto a map, helping the player to hone their swing.
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Samsung’s latest smartwatch app reminds you to wash your hands

Samsung’s latest smartwatch app reminds you to wash your hands
At this point, it’s safe to say most people know hand washing is one the most effective ways to stop the spread of the coronavirus, but in case you need a reminder, and you happen to own a Tizen wearable like the Galaxy Watch Active 2, Samsung’s latest app is here to help.
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Get $66 off Withings’ low-key Steel HR smartwatch

Get $66 off Withings’ low-key Steel HR smartwatch
It also offers sleep tracking, water resistance down to about 160 feet, a smart alarm that wakes you up at your body’s optimal time and multisport tracking. To top it off, the Steel HR can go for around 25 days between charges, beating most other smartwatches by, oh, about 23 days.
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Yes, I’m getting the Apple Watch BUT…..

     ! Yes,  I’m getting the Apple Watch but these prices are stupid. (and I’m not even talking about the gold) 
Steel or aluminum shouldn’t break $600 with the band. Any of them. Period!
     1K for a steel watch and link band is retarded.

     Apple just lopped off 50% of it’s purchase base. 

     Rule of thumb for any smart watch, The Watch is a companion device that should not cost more than the device that it’s paired to. (unsubsidized cost) 

     $450 bucks for a steel link watchband? DUMB DUMB DUMB!
#-> Wait for the 3rd party watch bands that are sure to come. <-#

     Most pot shots at Apple by Apple H8TRs are usually uninformed and wrong, if you want to slam Apple?
     Price Slam Away to your hearts content!!!
     Any FanBoy that defends this pricing has completely OD’d on the Cool-Aid and needs to be put down.

/Rant Off

POLL! Which Apple Watch is your Favorite! ~~> #poll #applewatch #apple watch


POLL! Which Apple Watch is your Favorite!
You can vote once per week

What Apple Watch are you going to buy when it’s available? Are you wondering what is the most popular watch/size/band? Now you can find out! Please let us know what your choice is! Ask your friends to vote for theirs and compare your choices!

The Apple Watch has so much of a variety that almost everyone can find that perfect look for themselves!

Choose Your Apple Watch Size

Choose Your Apple Watch Case

Choose your Band
(NOTE: not all bands are available for the 38mm and the 42mm.
The Leather Loop is available only for the 42mm
The Modern Buck is availably only in the 38mm.
Your vote will not be restricted however.

Brilliant!! Build your iWatch and see what it looks like! ~ #apple watch #applewatch

  MixYourWatch.com has gone and done it! We can now build our own personalized apple watch and see what it will look like with our personal choice of watch, bands and colors! Brilliant! 

I was hoping to see Apple.com do something like this! Thank you MixYourWatch.com  Great Job! 

This is a screenshot. Please go and build your own Apple Watch(s) at their website! MixYourWatch.com 

Has Samsung lost it’s ‘Edge’? – #samsung, #edge, #galaxy, #galaxyedge

The new Samsung Galaxy Note Edge will release in China, then the USA.

This new sleek curvy glass device has captured our interest, not all of it good, more bad than good actually.

The initial look has the wow factor but that wears off quick enough. There have been comparisons to this and the iPhone 4 with the metal side and the front and back glass.

They gave up on a lot of features when they made this:

  • smaller capacity battery
  • no longer has a water resistant rating
  • no external storage support
  • no removable battery

In the end they went to Wow with design but my 2 cents would be summed up in one word “Gimmick”.


Smart Watches aren’t for Women!

Watches say something about you, it’s a style, a statement, an accessory for the perfect outfit or a watch can be an heirloom.

For men buying a watch is far more simple than a lady. The traditional male styles have a much smaller variety than those for the fairer sex. Even though women have more choices watches in general we have a massive amount of choices for both men and women’s watches. This can’t be said in the smart watch market.

Have you seen a smart watch these days? google search : “smart watch

Dam they are big! Wow, look at all that plastic! We have round watches, squares, rectangles and even curved bulky rectangles.  For a guy this is great! Choices! “I can be round or square!! Woo Hoo!” For a lady the shape of the watch face is just the start. Women tend to color coordinate, they also pay attention to things like … Oh let’s say the watch strap! Yes, this is a key thing most smart watches have  few choices in and most straps are .. well, not pretty. (save for a couple).

As a man you may look at these smart watches and pick one you ‘think’ is “pretty enough” for her, most likely you’ll be wrong. She may do the “sympathy wearing of the smart watch” when you are around and appreciate the thought… but…

So…. what about functionality, what about that? Women should want that as well, yes? I’m sure they do BUT if the watch isn’t appealing or if it’s too bulky the smart phone in the purse will most likely be the better choice.

Women tend to have better taste than most men and they tend to shop more than men so wouldn’t it make sense to pay more attention to the other 50% of the potential target market?

All this may be true but there is one simple factor that will have to be overcome before we can have smaller form factors on smart watches, the batteries. Until we figure out a way to have these smart watches choke down fewer amps they won’t be slim. This is a design challenge for the best of designers!

As a closing thought I would think that a woman may even appreciate a smart watch more than the man. Not having to fish out the smart phone to see and read updates etc can be a blessing. Digging into skinny jeans or a large/full purse can be skipped. How much better if the social media messages were there at the flick of her wrist!


What Smart Watch can do more? What smart watch is actually smart?

There is a site you can look up smart watches, add them to be compaired and then get a great side-by-side view. specout.com.

Here is a side-by-side sample with the Galaxy Gear by Samsung vs. Watch (42mm) by Apple

One of the biggest issues with all smart watches is looks. Yes, in the battle of the wearables this matters a lot! Ladies? Would you wear a big plastic clunky watch out on a first date (or almost anywhere?). Watches that do not have an option for a femanine look will chop their target market by 50%.  Food for thought. (Men if you buy your lady a big plastic watch don’t be upset if that $100 + item is worn only to make you happy and never when you aren’t around.)

My last note is functionality, if your watch doesn’t do much you will most likely not remain interested long. A watch that you can add and remove and have a choice on functionality so that you can customize your smart watch to meet your personal needs will do best. So before you buy I advise that you make sure that you are getting a watch that will be able to match your personal needs in functionality.

~ A smart watch that can’t do much or use new apps isn’t very smart now is it? ~

TechCrunch Shows Apple Watch Apps with interactive previews. Nice! #applewatch

With everyone so focused on battery and the fact that you need an iPhone people lost sight of what the Apple Watch offers for functionality. The Apple watch has double the functionality of all the leading smart watches on the market now. This doesn’t include the apps being developed now by third parties. Developers make more selling iOS apps so there is bound to be a lot.
What will help Apple pull into the lead? Functionality. If the watch cannot do much you’ll loose interest, if you can keep expanding and altering what the watch can do you’ll hold interest.

Battery isn’t the issue, being paired to your phone will boost the functionlity far beyond what you can imagine. I don’t sleep with a watch on so charging at night is a non-issue. For having to pair to a phone, well I don’t leave home without my phone, most people don’t, so this is also a non-issue.

Anyhow, for the meat of the post … techchrunch’s compilation of apps/app previews!
(The below image if from the techcruch website)



Here is a list of apps from maclife.com

  • Alarm
  • Apple TV and iTunes: Control Apple TV or your iTunes library on a Mac or PC; listen to iTunes radio
  • Calendar: Meeting reminders, calendar invitations
  • Maps: Turn-by-turn navigation that is accompanied by varying wrist taps that hint at which way to go when walking
  • Music: Can control music playback on an iPhone, or you can even leave your phone at home and listen to music while jogging
  • Passbook: Works with Apple Pay
  • Photos: Meant for a more personal collection of photos that you’ve checked as favorites
  • Remote Camera: Works as a remote for your iPhone’s iSight camera. You can set your phone down, stand in front of it, and use the watch display to frame the perfect photo.
  • Siri: Dictate a message, find nearby locations, view your events, and more.
  • Stocks
  • Stopwatch: Digital, analog, or hybrid view; can show an average of your lap times on a graph.
  • Timer
  • Weather
  • World Clock