Robocalls may get worse — thanks to Facebook and the Supreme Court

Automated robocalls are a normalized annoyance of modern American society. And thanks to a recent Supreme Court ruling, they could get a lot worse.  via Technology and News Today

FCC fines two Texas telemarketers $225 million for making 1 billion robocalls

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has issued the largest fine in its history. Two Texas-based telemarketers are on the hook for $225 million after making approximately 1 billion robocalls to people across the US. via Technology and News Today

FCC, FTC give providers 48 hours to block COVID-19 scam robocalls

FCC, FTC give providers 48 hours to block COVID-19 scam robocalls
The de facto order is not-so-subtly aimed at VoIP providers accused of easing access for these scam callers, including Connexum, SIPJoin and VoIP Terminator/BLMarketing. It’s a drastic step, but it might be vital. Among the campaigns are bogus COVID-19 tests and cleaning services.
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Keep robocalls from pestering your phone. Here’s what you can do

There are few things more annoying than constantly receiving calls from numbers you think you know, only to hear a recording congratulating you for winning a trip to the Bahamas or that your vehicle’s warranty has expired.

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