China’s first Mars rover has rolled onto the planet’s surface

A week after the China National Space Administration reported its Tianwen-1 mission had achieved a safe landing on Mars, the Zhurong rover has rolled off of its platform and onto the planet’s surface. via Technology and News Today

Robert May (1936-2020) and the Future of Scientific Research

Robert May (1936-2020) and the Future of Scientific Research
It was a poignant coincidence. On May 11, the evening before Anthony Fauci, longtime director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and public health advisor to eight U.S. presidents, testified remotely to a Senate committee on the dangers of reopening the U.S.
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Reddit lists all political ads and spending in a special subreddit

Reddit lists all political ads and spending in a special subreddit
The subreddit is already stocked with Democratic primary and other ads, showing the amounts spent, impressions, geo-targeting and more. It will show all ads run on the site, including those mistakenly approved and then removed, tagged as “approved in error.
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