How slick water and black shale in fracking combine to produce radioactive waste Study explains how radioactive radium transfers to wastewater in the widely-used method to extract oil and gas. Continue reading . . . {authorlink} Top Environment News — ScienceDaily Top stories featured on ScienceDaily’s Plants & Animals,Read More →


Dietary fiber reduces brain inflammation during aging As mammals age, immune cells in the brain known as microglia become chronically inflamed. In this state, they produce chemicals known to impair cognitive and motor function. That’s one explanation for why memory fades and other brain functions decline during old age. But,Read More →

Special antibodies could lead to HIV vaccine Around one percent of people infected with HIV produce antibodies that block most strains of the virus. These broadly acting antibodies provide the key to developing an effective vaccine against HIV. Researchers have now shown that the genome of the HI virus isRead More →

‘Kidnapping’ in the Antarctic animal world? Pteropods or sea snails, also called sea angels, produce chemical deterrents to ward off predators, and some species of amphipods take advantage of this by carrying pteropods piggyback to gain protection from their voracious predators. Continue reading . . . {authorlink} Top EnvironmentRead More →

Scientists pioneer a new way to turn sunlight into fuel A new study used semi-artificial photosynthesis to explore new ways to produce and store solar energy. They used natural sunlight to convert water into hydrogen and oxygen using a mixture of biological components and human-made technologies. Continue reading . .Read More →

NASA’s public CO2 challenge could help astronauts endure on Mars NASA would really prefer that Mars astronauts produce their materials on Mars, but that’s not so easy when resources we take for granted on Earth are hard to get on the Red Planet. The administration has an idea as toRead More →

Scientists decode opium poppy genome Scientists have determined the DNA code of the opium poppy genome, uncovering key steps in how the plant evolved to produce the pharmaceutical compounds used to make vital medicines. The discovery may pave the way for scientists to improve yields and the disease resistance ofRead More →

Mammal forerunner that reproduced like a reptile sheds light on brain evolution Compared with the rest of the animal kingdom, mammals have the biggest brains and produce some of the smallest litters of offspring. A newly described fossil of an extinct mammal relative — and her 38 babies — isRead More →

Oculus debuts three VR experiences that tackle timely social issues Oculus’ Creators Lab regularly works with filmmakers under the VR for Good initiative to produce immersive experiences that “showcase the need for social change.” Now, it’s making three very timely projects available for download from the Oculus Vide… Continue readingRead More →

Stone tools reveal modern human-like gripping capabilities 500,000 years ago Research demonstrates that a technique used to produce stone tools that were first found half a million years ago is likely to have needed a modern human-like hand. This links a stone tool production technique known as ‘platform preparation’ toRead More →

A ‘Vampyr’ TV show is on the way If you’re looking for a new supernatural television series, you’re in luck (if you don’t mind waiting a while). Fox 21 Television Studios will produce a new show based on the video game Vampyr by the developer of Life is Strange, Dontnod.Read More →

YouTube may produce more original programming outside the US, YouTube is working on original programming for international markets in an effort to boost paid subscriber numbers, Reuters reports. The company plans to develop shows for customers in France, Germany, Japan and Mexico, adding to series that have alr… , ContinueRead More →

VW will build its electric microbus and crossover in the US, Volkswagen is pushing its EV strategy hard in Europe and China, and now intends to continue its momentum in the US, where it plans to produce its upcoming all-electric microbus and crossover SUV. Confirmed to Autocar this week, VWRead More →

Lateral gene transfer enables chemical protection of beetles against antagonistic fungi, Researchers have discovered that bacteria associated to Lagria villosa beetles can produce an antifungal substance very similar to one found in tunicates living in the marine environment. The researchers revealed that this commonality is likely explained by the transferRead More →

Snorts indicate positive emotions in horses, New evidence that horses reliably produce more snorts in favorable situations could improve animal welfare practices. , Continue reading . . . , ,, Top Environment News — ScienceDaily, Top stories featured on ScienceDaily’s Plants & Animals, Earth & Climate, and Fossils &Read More →