Sony to integrate Discord chat into PlayStation

PlayStation users could soon have another way of communicating with each other. Sony recently announced that it was partnering with Discord and that it will be integrating the service into the PlayStation Network early next year. via Technology and News Today

Sony delays PlayStation 5 stream due to ongoing protests

Sony delays PlayStation 5 stream due to ongoing protests
Sony has delayed its upcoming PlayStation 5 livestream, which would have seen the company show off gameplay from its upcoming next-generation console. The stream was originally scheduled to start at 4PM ET on June 4th. The company did not say when it plans to air the event.
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PlayStation Now’s subscriber count doubled in one year

PlayStation Now’s subscriber count doubled in one year
While these results are impressive, PlayStation Now has far fewer subscribers than Microsoft’s similar Xbox Game Pass, which has over 10 million users. This disparity could come down to any number of factors, from marketing efforts to the games included in each service’s library.
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PlayStation Vue is no longer in service

After almost five years of service, Sony has officially pulled the plug on PlayStation Vue on Thursday, January 30. Sony announced that it would shutter the service back in October of last year, giving users more significant notice before following through with its plan.

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