The massive ‘Gwent’ overhaul comes home October 23rd Netflix casting its Geralt for the upcoming show based on The Witcher isn’t the only reason fans of the fantasy franchise have to be excited. Developer CD Projekt Red has announced a release date for spin-off digital card-game, Gwent: October 23rd on…Read More →


Snapchat’s much-needed Android overhaul is hiding in plain sight Snap promised a sorely needed redesign for Snapchat’s sluggish Android app back in November, and it’s now clear what that tune-up will entail. Jane Manchun Wong has discovered (with additional detail from Kieron Quinn) that Snapchat’s Android app hi… Continue readingRead More →

Apple is fixing iOS notifications, Apple is finally trying to fix notifications. As part of an overhaul to Do Not Disturb mode, now notifications will be grouped together and can be pushed away with a single swipe. You can delay notifications until the end of the event you’re in theRead More →

iPhone painting app Procreate Pocket gets a major overhaul, , Developer Savage Interactive is making it it easier to create art and craft detailed sketches on the iPhone with a major update to Procreate Pocket. The developer completely overhauled the app, rewriting all of the code and rolling in SilicaRead More →

Hulu’s new guide provides fast access to live TV , , Hulu has gradually improved access to its live TV service over the past year. Now, however, it’s ready for a proper overhaul. The streaming provider has launched a new live TV guide that promises speedier access to channels. IfRead More →