The Nintendo Switch Lite comes with a free $25 GameStop gift card through Sunday

Nintendo’s Switch Lite likely won’t be dropping in price any time soon, so the best deals we have to work with in the meantime are the rare promos, much like GameStop’s Black Friday sale happening right now.

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8BitDo’s tiny keychain Switch controller is now available

It feels like 8BitDo can barely let a month slip by without offering a new Nintendo Switch controller. This time around, it’s putting its keychain-sized Zero 2 up for pre-order.

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Nintendo Says That Rumored Switch Exchange Deal Is Fake News

So you know all those reports earlier this week about a Nintendo Switch exchange program? Yeah, turns out it was all a bunch of crap. The Verge published an official statement from a Nintendo rep on Saturday debunking the deal.

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Super Nintendo World coming to Universal Studios Japan 


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