Flight attendants have faced a rough year of health risks, layoffs and anti-maskers

Flight attendants say they’re battling Covid-19 risks, depression and erratic schedules and pay, all while being treated as the “mask police” by a hostile public. Many said they have added new steps to their routine. They carry two sets of hand sanitizer, in case one pops from cabin pressure. via Technology and News Today https://www.nbcnews.com/business/travel/flight-attendants-have-faced-rough-year-health-risks-layoffs-anti-n1261243

How to Use Masks during the Coronavirus Pandemic

How to Use Masks during the Coronavirus Pandemic
Any mask worn for day-to-day protection against COVID-19 is going to be imperfect, at least for now. Supplies of N95 respirators—the most effective mask type—should find their way to those in daily close contact with infected people.
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