macOS Mojave is out today. Here’s what to expect. While Apple didn’t talk much about Macs at its big iPhone event two weeks ago, we did learn that macOS Mojave would be released on September 24th. Well, here we are. I’ve been testing a final build of Mojave for theRead More →


AI That Can Argue and Instruct New algorithms will enable personal devices to learn any topic well enough to debate it — Read more on Continue reading . . . Bernard S. Meyerson {authorlink} Scientific American: Technology Science news and technology updates from Scientific American More →

Fender’s music instruction app now includes bass lessons Fender has added bass lessons to its Fender Play platform, providing users with bite-sized exercises, a number of instructors to learn from and a slew of skills to master. Those working on developing their bass-playing abilities will have access to a… ContinueRead More →

LinkedIn opens up data to researchers to learn about the job market LinkedIn will open up its data to academic researchers for the purpose of better understanding the labor market and the economy, Bloomberg reports. The company is inviting academics to submit study proposals that in some way involve analytics,Read More →

Old species learn new tricks…very slowly No species lasts forever, and, just as the saying goes, it seems like old species may get stuck in their ways and can’t adapt to environmental change as fast as younger species do. Continue reading . . . Top Environment News — ScienceDailyRead More →

How birds learn, Songbirds can acquire new abilities both through observation and through trial and error. However, skills acquired with the latter method are more easily adapted to new situations, as scientists have been able to demonstrate. The researchers also see parallels to how children learn. , Continue reading .Read More →

‘Sea of Thieves’ could learn a thing or two from ‘No Man’s Sky’, The second Sea of Thieves campaign-slash-major update hit Xboxes and PCs last week, and it is, in a word, dull. Cursed Sails isn’t too dissimilar from the first campaign, The Hungering Deep, in that the main questRead More →

Tesla’s latest zero-emissions ride is a $1,500 surfboard , Good news: you won’t have to wait until 2020 to try a new Tesla-branded ride. However, you may want to learn how to hang ten first. Tesla has quietly introduced a limited-run (just 200 units) surfboard that matches the company’s vehicleRead More →

Fruit fly species can learn each other’s dialects , Fruit flies from different species can warn each other when parasitic wasps are near. But according to a new study, they are more likely to get the message across if the fly species have previously cohabited and learned each other’s dialects.Read More →

HBO’s new owner needs to learn that ‘more’ doesn’t mean ‘better’ , After AT&T bought Time Warner, the business was handed over to AT&T veteran John Stankey. Last month, the new boss told The New York Times that he would be hands-off, especially towards HBO, Warner’s quirky, ultra-premium network. StankeyRead More →

Recommended Reading: Self-driving cars still have a lot to learn, Self-driving cars are headed toward an AI roadblock Russell Brandom, The Verge It’s no secret that the auto industry is racing towards production of fully autonomous vehicles. A number of companies say they can achieve the feat in the nextRead More →

Pioneer’s DDJ-400 controller will help you learn booth basics , DJ’ng, like playing guitar, is one of those things that looks simple until you actually try it yourself. To help make your two-turntable-and-a-microphone dreams a reality, Pioneer DJ will release another low-cost controller very soon, but this time i… ,Read More →

Mice not only experience regret, but also learn to avoid it in the future, New research has discovered that mice are capable of learning to plan ahead in order to avoid regret down the road even if there is no additional gain in rewards. , Continue reading . . .Read More →

Microsoft’s latest acquisition focuses on social education , Education these days isn’t just about reading, writing and arithmetic — it’s also about learning how to learn. And Microsoft wants to be the go-to option for teaching these abilities. It’s buying Flipgrid, the creator of an educational platform th… , ContinueRead More →

Apple bans cryptocurrency mining apps on iOS to protect mobile users, Apple bans cryptocurrency mining apps on iOS to protect mobile users  Computerworld Google should learn from Apple’s cryptocurrency guidelines  TNW Apple Bans Cryptocurrency Mining Apps on iOS and macOS  ExtremeTech Apple: Don’t use your iPhone to mine cryptocurrencies  CNBC Full coverage , ContinueRead More →