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Smart Watches aren’t for Women!

Watches say something about you, it’s a style, a statement, an accessory for the perfect outfit or a watch can be an heirloom.

For men buying a watch is far more simple than a lady. The traditional male styles have a much smaller variety than those for the fairer sex. Even though women have more choices watches in general we have a massive amount of choices for both men and women’s watches. This can’t be said in the smart watch market.

Have you seen a smart watch these days? google search : “smart watch

Dam they are big! Wow, look at all that plastic! We have round watches, squares, rectangles and even curved bulky rectangles.  For a guy this is great! Choices! “I can be round or square!! Woo Hoo!” For a lady the shape of the watch face is just the start. Women tend to color coordinate, they also pay attention to things like … Oh let’s say the watch strap! Yes, this is a key thing most smart watches have  few choices in and most straps are .. well, not pretty. (save for a couple).

As a man you may look at these smart watches and pick one you ‘think’ is “pretty enough” for her, most likely you’ll be wrong. She may do the “sympathy wearing of the smart watch” when you are around and appreciate the thought… but…

So…. what about functionality, what about that? Women should want that as well, yes? I’m sure they do BUT if the watch isn’t appealing or if it’s too bulky the smart phone in the purse will most likely be the better choice.

Women tend to have better taste than most men and they tend to shop more than men so wouldn’t it make sense to pay more attention to the other 50% of the potential target market?

All this may be true but there is one simple factor that will have to be overcome before we can have smaller form factors on smart watches, the batteries. Until we figure out a way to have these smart watches choke down fewer amps they won’t be slim. This is a design challenge for the best of designers!

As a closing thought I would think that a woman may even appreciate a smart watch more than the man. Not having to fish out the smart phone to see and read updates etc can be a blessing. Digging into skinny jeans or a large/full purse can be skipped. How much better if the social media messages were there at the flick of her wrist!