Amazon’s new Echo Show packs a larger display and improved audio Amazon’s seemingly non-stop device announcements now include a revamp of its first smart display. The internet giant has unveiled a second-generation Echo Show that ditches the (frankly boring) look of the original in favor of a minimalist design wi…Read More →


JBL Charge 4 Bluetooth speaker gets some key upgrades – CNET Due out this fall, the fully waterproof JBL Charge 4 offers improved sound, battery life and USB-C connectivity. Continue reading . . . David Carnoy {authorlink}$/$/$/$? CNET Reviews – Most Recent Reviews CNET brings you the top unbiasedRead More →

Infiniti taunts us with another electric race car we can’t buy If you thought the retro-tastic Infiniti Prototype 9 couldn’t be improved upon, the automaker thought otherwise. At this year’s Pebble Beach automotive event, the larger Prototype 10 made an appearance. Continue reading . . . Engadget RSS FeedRead More →

Ant-y social: Study of ants reveals the evolutionary benefits of group living A new study in ants demonstrates that living in groups leads to improved fitness. The researchers show that, in larger groups, ants take on specialized roles and colony stability increases. Continue reading . . . Top EnvironmentRead More →

Preparing for chemical attacks with improved computer models Researchers have used computer models on the Stampede2 supercomputer to replicate the dispersal of gases from the April 4, 2017 chemical weapons attack in northwest Syria. The simulations were able to capture real world conditions despite a scarcity of information. Recently, theRead More →

Google’s next Chromecast may offer improved connectivity Google may soon release a Chromecast with full Bluetooth support and sturdier WiFi connectivity, an FCC filing indicates. It seems likely the dongle will have the same design as the current version, with Google only making internal changes. Continue reading . . .Read More →

A novel synthetic antibody enables conditional ‘protein knockdown’ in vertebrates Researchers have developed a novel synthetic antibody that paves the way for an improved functional analysis of proteins. Continue reading . . . Top Environment News — ScienceDaily Top stories featured on ScienceDaily’s Plants & Animals, Earth & Climate,Read More →

Older Fire TV devices get improved protection against Android malware, It came to light earlier this year that a virus was attacking Fire TV devices because of an Android-based vulnerability relating to ADB (Android Debug Bridge) connections. But part of the newest software update,, should make things a lotRead More →

End of the Rainbow? New Map Scale is More Readable by People Who Are Color Blind, The improved palette also avoids some of the problems existing data visualization schemes pose for people with typical vision — Read more on , Continue reading . . . Betsy Mason, ,, ScientificRead More →

Samsung teases improved battery life for the Galaxy Note 9, Samsung is releasing a series of teasers leading up to its Galaxy Note 9 unpacked event on August 9th, and the first appears to confirm rumors that the new smartphone will have improved battery life. The idea with the teasers,Read More →

iOS update adds security-focused USB restricted mode, Apple just released iOS 11.4.1 with an improved Find My AirPod feature and some stability fixes. It also appears to include USB Restricted Mode, a feature that was part of the 11.4.1 and iOS 12 betas. The feature was originally discovered by TheRead More →

Aromatic herbs lead to better parenting in starlings, For European starlings, the presence of aromatic herbs in the nest leads to some improved parenting behaviors, according to a new study. Specifically, birds whose nests incorporate herbs along with dried grasses were more likely to attend their nests, exhibited better incubationRead More →

macOS Mojave adds dark mode and improved organization options, It wouldn’t be WWDC if Apple didn’t give an update on the future of macOS, the company’s oldest computing platform. Senior VP of software engineering and Unofficial Apple Dad Craig Federighi is on stage walking the crowd through the updates. ButRead More →

Cometh the cyborg: Improved integration of living muscles into robots, Researchers have developed a novel method of growing whole muscles from hydrogel sheets impregnated with myoblasts. They then incorporated these muscles as antagonistic pairs into a biohybrid robot, which successfully performed manipulations of objects. This approach overcame earlier limitations ofRead More →

Microsoft marks Mixer’s first year with improved eSports streams , In the past year since changing names from Beam to Mixer, Microsoft’s game-broadcasting app has gone through a slew of updates and brought forth a number of innovations. Redmond says last December, the app had over 10 million active monthlyRead More →