Computer Programmers Get New Tech Ethics Code, The guidelines come from the Association for Computing Machinery — Read more on , Continue reading . . . Cherri M. Pancake, ,, Scientific American: Technology, Science news and technology updates from Scientific American ,, , AdvertisementsRead More →


YouTube removes Alex Jones’ official channel for violating guidelines, YouTube is the latest service to remove Alex Jones’ content, which follows Facebook, Apple and Spotify yanking InfoWars pages and podcasts over the last day or so. Engadget has confirmed that YouTube has taken down the verified Alex Jones Channel (wh…Read More →

23andMe, Ancestry and others agree to genetic privacy guidelines, A number of genetic testing companies, including 23andMe and Ancestry, have signed onto a set of guidelines that aim to address consumer privacy concerns, the Washington Post reports. The privacy best practices, drafted alongside the Future of Privac… , Continue readingRead More →

Google video teases all-white look for Gmail and other apps, Google has been revamping its Material Design guidelines for internal and third-party products. We’ve already seen previews of how the look of Google’s own products will change, from Android to Gmail to Chrome. A video just surfaced showing a glimpse…Read More →

Apple limits how apps can handle and share users’ contact lists , Apple updated its app guidelines last week, and while the biggest news was a widespread ban on cryptocurrency mining, the company also tightened its grip on what developers can and can’t do with user info. Specifically, it restrictedRead More →

Google should learn from Apple’s cryptocurrency guidelines , Google should learn from Apple’s cryptocurrency guidelines  TNW Apple bans cryptocurrency mining on iPhones and iPads  CNET Apple bans developers from submitting cryptocurrency mining apps for iOS devices  ZDNet Apple: Don’t use your iPhone to mine cryptocurrencies  CNBC Full coverage , Continue reading . . .Read More →

Apple bans cryptocurrency mining from its app stores, Cryptocurrency mining in apps has become such a big deal, Apple updated its app guidelines to make sure that developers don’t sneak the function into any apps within the company’s ecosystem. The update to the rules apparently occurred last week, poss… ,Read More →

Facebook has already removed 583 million fake accounts this year, , Last month, Facebook published its internal community enforcement guidelines for the first time and today, the company has provided some numbers to show what that enforcement really looks like. In a new report that will be published quarterly, Facebo…Read More →

Simple equation directs creation of clean-energy catalysts, , New guidelines could steer the design of less costly, more efficient catalysts geared toward revving up the production of hydrogen as a renewable fuel. Using its equation, the team discovered several atom-framework combinations that approximate the performance of precious-metal catalysts – platinum,Read More →

In a Big Data World, Scholars Need New Guidelines for Research, , User information from Facebook and other social-media sites is invaluable to political and social scientists, but it must be treated with care  — Read more on , Continue reading . . . Catherine F. Brooks, ,,Read More →