Tesla is ending its lifetime free Supercharging offer Tesla’s offer of free, unlimited Supercharger access was supposed to have ended in early 2017, but it’s been on a form of life support since then. Unless you were buying a regular Model 3, you could get the no-cost charging by orderingRead More →


Twitter and Periscope now offer audio-only live broadcasts Twitter has offered at least some form of live video for years, but what if you can’t (or don’t want to) put something on camera? You no longer have to point followers somewhere else to hear your thoughts. The iOS versions ofRead More →

A proper explanation of Google’s Android One program I must admit I didn’t know much about Android One before coming to IFA 2018. I had assumed it was some form of software or set of specifications for midrange phones, although a lot of people around me were also confusing itRead More →

Bang and Olufsen’s BeoSound Edge is its own giant volume dial Bang and Olufsen never lets me down at IFA. If it’s not TV stands that move, it’s speakers given a form you’ve never imagined before. In 2018: Beosound Edge, it’s the company’s new, pricey wireless speaker which looks likeRead More →

‘Minecraft’ mod fosters a collaborative effort against climate change A Minecraft modder has added some fresh gameplay issues for players to deal with in the form of climate change. Nick Porillo’s GlobalWarming mod alters the atmosphere based on certain actions like smelting ores. Temperatures will rise as carbon emiss… ContinueRead More →

Winklevoss Effort to Self-Regulate Cryptocurrency Gets Members Winklevoss Effort to Self-Regulate Cryptocurrency Gets Members  Wall Street Journal Cryptocurrency exchanges form self-regulatory group  The Hill This Winklevoss-led industry group hopes it can calm the cryptocurrency Wild West  MIT Technology Review The Virtual Commodity Association Working Group Has Formed and Is Planning Inaugural Meeting |Read More →

Intel’s first ‘ruler’ SSD holds 32TB , Intel has unsheathed its first “ruler” SSD, a bizarre device with a 12-inch long form form factor and colossal amount of storage. Intel created the new form factor last year to cram as much storage as possible into a “1U” server form factor,Read More →

Sunscreen for dancing molecules, This study is the first to use heavy water (D2O) – a form of water that contains deuterium (D) instead of hydrogen – in the field of transmission electron microscopy (TEM). This approach significantly delays sample damage, which is one of the major impediments for broaderRead More →

Origin’s EON15-S is one of the lightest gaming laptops yet , Origin recently launched a pretty lightweight Max-Q gaming laptop, but with its latest model, it’s pushing the form factor even more. The new 15.6-inch EOS-15S is just an inch thick and tips the scale at a mere 3.4 pounds,Read More →

‘Fortnite’ will bring back guided missiles in a softer, gentler form , Fortnite’s guided missile certainly had its moments, but Epic dropped it with an April patch for a reason — it was so powerful (and ammo so plentiful) that you could make life a living hell for anyone whoRead More →

Team shatters theoretical limit on bio-hydrogen production, An engineered bacterium produced 46 percent more hydrogen per cell than a naturally occurring form of the same species. The research team’s highest reported yield — 5.7 units of hydrogen for every unit of glucose fed to the bacterium — easily surpassed theRead More →

Microsoft and Walmart form a digital alliance against Amazon, Walmart has found itself a fairy godparent in Microsoft. The two companies have teamed up to “further accelerate Walmart’s digital transformation in retail,” and Microsoft chief Satya Nadella told The Wall Street Journal that their shared rivalry aga… , Continue readingRead More →

Hidden signals in RNAs regulate protein synthesis, Scientists have long known that RNA encodes instructions to make proteins. The building blocks that comprise RNA — A, U, C, and Gs — form a blueprint for the protein-making machinery in cells. In a new study scientists describe how the protein-making machineryRead More →

Undersea survival game ‘Subnautica’ hits PS4 this holiday season , Subnautica has been available on PCs and the Xbox One for years (albeit usually in rough form), but where’s the love for PS4 owners? Don’t worry, you’re covered. Unknown Worlds’ underwater survival title is now poised to reach the PS4Read More →

Meningococcal infection: Bacterial aggregates form thick honey-like liquid that flows through blood vessels, Medical researchers and physicists have unraveled a key stage in infection by Neisseria meningitidis, a human pathogen responsible for meningitis in infants and young adults. Bacterial aggregates in blood vessels appear to facilitate the progression of theRead More →