Bragi sues OnePlus in Europe for using the word ‘Dash’ Do you see much of a connection between smart earbuds and fast smartphone charging? No? Bragi would beg to differ. The audio company has sued OnePlus in the European Union for allegedly infringing on its trademark for the Dash. AccordingRead More →


Emissions from most diesel cars in Europe greatly exceed laboratory testing levels A new study reports that Volkswagen is not the only auto manufacturer to make diesel cars that produce vastly more emissions on the road than in laboratory tests. The study finds that in Europe, 10 major auto manufacturersRead More →

US and European gambling regulators may crack down on loot boxes Gambling regulators from Europe and the US are turning up the heat on game developers over loot boxes, which some jurisdictions claim violate gambling laws. A group of 15 European agencies and the Washington State Gambling Commission agreed toRead More →

Xiaomi teases 5G support for its all-screen Mi Mix 3 Earlier this year Chinese phone maker Xiaomi announced its plans to expand into Europe and the US, and if the company’s latest teaser tweets are anything to go by, there’s good reason to be excited about that. Director of productRead More →

Sicilian amber in Western Europe pre-dates arrival of Baltic amber by at least 2,000 years Amber from Sicily arrived in Iberia as early as the 4th Millennium BC, some 2,000 years before the appearance of Baltic amber to the peninsula. New study also suggests that Baltic amber reached Iberia viaRead More →

AEG’s MultiSpace fridge spins your groceries on a lazy susan shelf – CNET We’re chasing down the coolest, weirdest appliances Europe has to offer — how about one that spins your salsa from the back to the front? Continue reading . . . Ry Crist$/$/$/$? CNET Reviews – MostRead More →

Vespa’s first electric scooter goes on sale in Europe this October Vespa’s electric scooter has long been slated to start shipping this year, and now the timeline is a little clearer on when you might be able to get your hands on a Vespa Elettrica. Production will start next month,Read More →

Europe is reportedly ready to clear Apple’s purchase of Shazam In April, the European Commission (EC) announced that it was launching an in-depth investigation into Apple’s proposed purchase of Shazam — a deal that was announced last December. Now, according to Reuters, two people familiar with the matter say E…Read More →

Europe needs coastal adaptation measures to avoid catastrophic flooding by the end of the century, Coastal floods could impact up to 3.65 million people every year in Europe by 2100, according to a new study. , Continue reading . . . , ,, Top Environment News — ScienceDaily, TopRead More →

Virgin Hyperloop One to build a research facility in Spain, Virgin Hyperloop One announced today that it’s expanding into Europe. The company plans to build a $500 million development facility in the small village of Bobadilla located in the Andalusian region of Spain. The center will develop, test and certif…Read More →

Europe takes another stab at standardizing phone chargers, The European Union has been trying for nearly a decade to get smartphone manufacturers to voluntarily agree to a common mobile phone charger. That apparently hasn’t worked out so well, so the EU Commission may now take more forcible action, according… ,Read More →

Coinbase users can convert crypto into gift cards, Coinbase announced today that it has teamed up with WeGift and customers in Europe and Australia will now be able to convert their cryptocurrency into e-gift cards. Gift cards are available for companies like Nike, Uber, Google Play, Ticketmaster and… , ContinueRead More →

Xiaomi targets Europe with two cheap Android One phones, Remember Android One? Google launched the program in 2014 as a way to improve cheap, low-end Android phones. These days, though, that responsibility has passed to Android Go — a new version of the operating system optimized for lower-performing hard… ,Read More →

VW will build its electric microbus and crossover in the US, Volkswagen is pushing its EV strategy hard in Europe and China, and now intends to continue its momentum in the US, where it plans to produce its upcoming all-electric microbus and crossover SUV. Confirmed to Autocar this week, VWRead More →

Google fined $5.04 billion for forcing its apps onto Android phones, Europe has imposed a record-setting €4.3 billion ($5 billion) fine on Google for antitrust violations around its Android smartphone operating system. In 2016, the EU Commission charged Google with forcing mobile network operators to install Chro… , Continue readingRead More →