#bromance over? trump Says Putin Is Partly to Blame for Syrian Crisis

#bromance over? trump Says Putin Is Partly to Blame for Syrian Crisis http://buff.ly/2p5pWyZ

WASHINGTON — President Trump said on Wednesday that President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia is partly to blame for the crisis in Syria and bears responsibility to help bring peace to the war-torn country, comments meant to increase pressure on the Kremlin as his secretary of state was in Moscow for a tense round of talks.

“I really think there’s going to be a lot of pressure on Russia to make sure that peace happens, because frankly, if Russia didn’t go in and back this animal, we wouldn’t have a problem right now,” Mr. Trump said, referring to Mr. Putin’s support for President Bashar al-Assad of Syria.

“Putin is backing a person that’s truly an evil person, and I think it’s very bad for Russia, I think it’s very bad for mankind, it’s very bad for this world,” Mr. Trump added during an interview with Fox Business that aired Wednesday morning.

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