Senators ask the FCC to limit 5G auction to protect weather forecasts

In March, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) began auctioning blocks of the 24 GHz spectrum, which could be used to implement future 5G networks. Shortly afterward, the US Navy released a memo warning that 5G in the 24 GHz band could interfere with weather satellites.

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No, that iOS 12.2 update did not just give 5G to your AT&T iPhone

Cellular technology is about to make an evolutionary leap. 5G is almost here. But you’re gonna have to wait a little longer. Here’s why. USA TODAY, Just the FAQs Sorry, AT&T iPhone users. We hate to break it to you but just because you downloaded iOS 12.

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Intel’s 5G Chips Won’t Appear in Mobile Phones Until 2020

Intel’s timeline is tied closely with Apple’s product plans due to Apple’s reliance on Intel chips for their iPhone modems. Previously a Qualcomm customer, Apple and Qualcomm have been at odds due to an ongoing legal battle between the two companies.

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