‘Spider-Man’ DLC arrives next Tuesday with new suits, more web slinging

‘Spider-Man’ DLC arrives next Tuesday with new suits, more web slinging


People can’t stop talking about the PS4 exclusive game Marvel’s Spider-Man, and now they’ll have even more to chat about. The first chapter of a new DLC called The City that Never Sleeps launches on Tuesday, October 23rd.

The Heist is the first of three chapters that tells an interconnected story over the course of the full DLC. It will introduce players to Peter’s old flame, Black Cat, as Spider-Man tries to solve an art heist at a museum. The DLC also features three brand new Spidey suits: the Resilient Suit from Gabriele d’Otto, the Scarlet Spider II suit and the Spider-UK suit from Spider-Verse.

The DLC will cost you $10 at the PlayStation store. If you are already certain that you’ll want to play the full three chapters, though, it’s a good idea to snag all three for $25, a $5 discount off of buying the three individually.

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