Trains in Europe.

I’ve fallen in love with European travel! The trains are amazing! Fast, comfortable, smooth, quiet and best of all inexpensive ( compared to the US )

We can travel to most major locations in Europe fast! It’s marvelous ! Also we can cross from country to country unmolested, no customs to stop, search and delay you.

There’s a restaurant, you can walk about and best of all comfortable seating with big windows!

( one thing you need to know, the bathrooms are labeled with “wc”. ) 😉 a need to know tid bit of information.

Good night Frankfurt.

Today was a great day.

100 euro breakfast ( very fancy )
River tour
Main tower 360 degree view
Turm tower (coffee a people watching)
Opera house (coffee a people watching)
Got a data nano sim (yeah)
Walked the mall
Went to old town again for a late dinner
Pack for Munich

Very busy, very sleepy.