Neuschwanstein Castle was more incredible than I’d imagined. The old saying that ” pictures don’t do it justice” is an understatement!

The ride to the castle went from rolling hillsides with quaint cottage style homes to the foothills of the alps with their snow covered peaks. ( 6000 feet high. )

Upon our arrival in the village at the foot of Neuschwanstein castle we had a quick meal and the began the final climb up to the castle via horse and then by foot.

First we climbed behind the castle to a windy bridge to get the best view of the castle and then after many pictures we entered the castle.

Inside the finished area is wall to wall murals, chandeliers, pillars, statues, opulent floors of wood, marble or mosaic. The trim all hand carved and intricate. My words won’t suffice… Our tour guide had a thick accent when speaking English and had slow moving gestures that finished the delicate and thin mans unique appearance .

The tour went room to room and each was more than my eyes had time to fully take in or appreciate. Full of details and beauty. Some rooms, like the cave, were unexpected surprises.

In the end we slowly climbed down the mountain to catch the bus, sneaking our final pictures as we left.

News Reporter