AT&T will finally #refund $88 million in unauthorized charges via @engadget

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  • Motion without blur. Action shots without shake. Perfect video even when you move. Thanks to advanced technologies specifically designed to keep the camera flat no matter how you move it, the DJI Osmo helps you record videos and take photos like never before. It is much more than just a camera, it helps you create with more freedom than ever.


#ZENMUSEX5 The world’s first #mirrorless camera made specifically for aerial photography



The Next Evolution of Aerial Cameras

  • Meet the Zenmuse X5, the world’s first mirrorless, compact Micro Four Thirds camera made specifically for aerial photography and cinematography. Designed to work with the DJI Inspire 1 ready-to-fly platform, the Zenmuse X5 packs a powerful sensor that’s capable of recording 4K videos at up to 30 fps and capturing still images at 16MP. Equipped with the standard MFT interchangeable lens mount and allowing full wireless remote control over focus, aperture, and more, the Zenmuse X5 lets you shoot the way you want. Welcome to the future of aerial imaging.

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Yes, I’m getting the Apple Watch BUT…..

     ! Yes,  I’m getting the Apple Watch but these prices are stupid. (and I’m not even talking about the gold) 
Steel or aluminum shouldn’t break $600 with the band. Any of them. Period!
     1K for a steel watch and link band is retarded.

     Apple just lopped off 50% of it’s purchase base. 

     Rule of thumb for any smart watch, The Watch is a companion device that should not cost more than the device that it’s paired to. (unsubsidized cost) 

     $450 bucks for a steel link watchband? DUMB DUMB DUMB!
#-> Wait for the 3rd party watch bands that are sure to come. <-#

     Most pot shots at Apple by Apple H8TRs are usually uninformed and wrong, if you want to slam Apple?
     Price Slam Away to your hearts content!!!
     Any FanBoy that defends this pricing has completely OD’d on the Cool-Aid and needs to be put down.

/Rant Off

Are you testing me? Ex Machina | Official Trailer HD #Eva #ExMachina #movie


     Nathan invites Caleb to test Eva. Eva is… amazing, an AI that is self aware and provocative. Things however are not as they seem, with Nathan or Eva.

The ratings are good, what do you think? 

“Are you attracted to me?”

“What will happen to me today if I fail your tests?”

The wind turbine could get a snazzy green facelift, thanks to Dutch architects


The Netherlands just keeps one-upping the rest of the world. Recently, a Dutch construction firm installed a solar panel bike lane and then engineers went ahead and made another bike path glow-in-the-dark. Not that we’re keeping score or anything.

Now, the Dutch Windwheel Corporation has plans to build a 570-foot structure in Rotterdam that would be equal parts architectural marvel and green-tech wünderkind. Basically, the project would turn the wind turbine* into a high-tech real-estate development.

Here’s Smithsonian with the science:

The Wind Wheel’s design, made of two massive rings and an underwater foundation, plans to incorporate other green technologies, including solar panels, rainwater capture and biogas creation. The biogas will be created from the collected waste of residents of the 72 apartments and 160 hotel rooms that are planned for the inner ring.

The outer ring is set to house 40 cabins that move along a rail like a roller coaster…

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