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POLL! Which Apple Watch is your Favorite! ~~> #poll #applewatch #apple watch

POLL! Which Apple Watch is your Favorite! You can vote once per week What Apple Watch are you going to buy when it’s available? Are you wondering what is the most popular watch/size/band? Now you can find out! Please let

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Brilliant!! Build your iWatch and see what it looks like! ~ #apple watch #applewatch has gone and done it! We can now build our own personalized apple watch and see what it will look like with our personal choice of watch, bands and colors! Brilliant!  I was hoping to see do something

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What Smart Watch can do more? What smart watch is actually smart?

There is a site you can look up smart watches, add them to be compaired and then get a great side-by-side view. Here is a side-by-side sample with the Galaxy Gear by Samsung vs. Watch (42mm) by Apple One of the biggest issues with

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TechCrunch Shows Apple Watch Apps with interactive previews. Nice! #applewatch

With everyone so focused on battery and the fact that you need an iPhone people lost sight of what the Apple Watch offers for functionality. The Apple watch has double the functionality of all the leading smart watches on the

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New News on the Apple Watch

Apps Tweeted As They Are Added Follow @watchaware Curious About Apple Watch Apps? WatchAware Provides Interactive Previews Cook teases ‘ton’ of Apple Watch announcements, including Panera Bread, Salesforce enterprise & fitness apps – –

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Pornhub wants you to turn your dirty thoughts into clean energy — using this wristband

Originally posted on Grist:
The good people at Pornhub are a green-minded and innovative bunch indeed, and as such are quite concerned about the amount of energy that goes into streaming Welcome to the O.C., Bitch 1-7 to millions of screens…

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Pebble Time … Steel!     @PebbleTimeSteel  #PebbleTimeSteel      Plastic, I’ve never been a fan. Laptops, phones, tablets and watches that are plastic seem cheap to me regardless if it’s a screamer under the hood. So yes, I don’t like plastic. The Pebble Time in

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The Apple Watch will fail, The iPad was supposed to fail… #applewatch @applewatch 

      The iPad will fail! No one needs that! No one will spend that much money for that!  Boy were they ever wrong!!       The iPad was a want, not a need.  The iPad was simply

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Advertising fail = “Apple killer”, “this will beat Apple”! 

Stop using the horrid sales  pitch of “beating Apple” with your new product!        You don’t compete against losers, you compete against winners or your betters.       You are also giving free publicity. Why is your tablet

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Apple Watch Prices leaked, far less than thrilled. @#AppleWatch @#PriceLeak

TechForUs has revealed the much awaited Apple Watch’s prices. Click Here for the Prices! (3/2/2015 update, multiple sources are saying this is a projection now. Most are doubtful of this pricing scheme, myself included.) My excitement was high for the Apple Watch,

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