Keep your eyes peeled for this comet in 2023

Here’s something to look forward to in the new year: 2023 could give us a once-in-a-generation chance to see a new comet grace our skies. via Technology and News Today

Report: TikTok recruits Syrians to beg online, takes up to 70% donations

TikTok profits from livestreams of Syrian families begging for digital donations from refugee camps, according to an investigation published on Wednesday. For the last five months the BBC analyzed 30 TikTok accounts going live daily from Syrian refugee camps. via Technology and News Today

Tim Cook and President Biden came to Arizona to announce plans for American-made chips

Apple plans to start using processors made in America following the opening of an advanced new chip factory in Phoenix, Arizona. For the plant’s customers, which also includes AMD and NVIDIA, the new facility means a more secure supply of chips and quicker production timelines. via Technology and News Today

The combined HBO and Discovery app will reportedly just be called ‘Max’

When HBO Max and Discovery Plus merge into a single app next spring, the new platform will simply be called “Max.” That’s according to a report from CNBC, which notes that while a final decision hasn’t been made, Max “is the likely choice” and is being vetted by Warner Bros. via Technology and News Today… Read More The combined HBO and Discovery app will reportedly just be called ‘Max’

The Lastpass hack was worse than the company first reported

After being hacked for the second time in as many years this August, password manager app Lastpass announced on Thursday the most recent intrusion was much more damaging than initially reported with the attackers having made off with users’ password vaults in some cases. via Technology and News Today

YouTube’s NFL Sunday Ticket deal is a brilliant move for its subscription future

The “pick me! pick me!” bidding war for NFL Sunday Ticket has finally come to an end, and YouTube won big. The company announced a “multi-year” deal that will see it carry Sunday Ticket both standalone (as a YouTube Primetime Channel) and through YouTube TV. via Technology and News Today

Hate speech is soaring on Twitter under Elon Musk, report finds

Elon Musk claimed last week that “hate speech impressions” on Twitter were down by one-third since he took over the company. But the total amount of hate speech on the platform has risen during that same time period, according to research by the Center for Countering Digital Hate. via Technology and News Today