7 ways to keep packages from getting stolen off your porch

One unfortunate side-effect of our modern buy-everything-online lifestyle: package theft. A box or pile of boxes left sitting on your front stoop makes an easy target for “porch pirates,” some of whom follow delivery trucks and scoop up packages moments after they’re dropped off.

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Netflix’s US price increases will hit users in May

Netflix revealed in January it would increase prices for US users and those in Latin American countries where it charges in US dollars. It told many subscribers this week the hikes will take effect in May, though the increases have been rolling out over the last few months.

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Trump’s Twitter Problem? He Has Less Followers Than Obama

President Trump has just under 60 million Twitter followers. This is a lot. Barack Obama has over 106 million. This is a lot more. The discrepancy is precisely the type of thing that would infuriate the current occupant of the White House and, according to the Daily Beast, it does.

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Why the US bears the most responsibility for climate change, in one chart

Humans are pumping more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere at an accelerating rate. But climate change is a cumulative problem, a function of the total amount of greenhouse gases that have accumulated in the sky.

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San Francisco could be the first US city to ban facial recognition tech

The Chinese government has drawn widespread condemnation in recent months over its extensive use of public surveillance and facial recognition technology to monitor the movements of some 12 million Muslim citizens.

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AT&T will reveal its premium WarnerMedia streaming service in early fall

Disney just pulled off an impressive preview of its Disney+ subscription video service. We even got a price and launch date, which is more than Apple has been willing to share about its forthcoming Apple TV Plus offering.

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Google brings its redesigned fitness app to iOS

Google Fit, the fitness tracking app that was redesigned on Android last year, has arrived on iOS. The app integrates with Apple Health, meaning your progress in other Health-compatible apps like Nike Run Club, Sleep Cycle, and Headspace will contribute towards your Google Fit goals.

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First “Marsquake” Detected on Red Planet

NASA’s InSight lander has detected the first known ‘marsquake’. The spacecraft picked up the faint trembling of Mars’s surface on 6 April, 128 days after landing on the planet last November. The quake is the first to be detected on a planetary body other than Earth or Moon.

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iFixit’s Galaxy Fold teardown reveals its biggest design flaw

Though it’s not technically the first time we’ve seen the innards of the now-delayed Samsung Galaxy Fold, iFixit’s teardown of the folding device is absolutely the most informed and detailed we’ve seen.

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Apple launches YouTube channel all about TV and movies

Apple is gearing up for the launch of its Apple TV+ streaming service this fall with the creation of a new YouTube channel dedicated to movie and TV shows. The channel serves up teasers, clips, behind the scenes looks, interviews and more about upcoming shows.

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The government took single mom’s $3,063 tax refund to cover her student loans. She’s trying to get it back

As she scanned the letter’s black type, Alexis Patterson felt herself go numb. “The U.S. Department of Treasury … applied all or part of your payment to delinquent debt that you owe,” it read. Patterson stopped reading. One thing mattered now.

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Supreme Court to rule whether civil rights law bans discrimination against LGBTQ employees

The question has divided the nation’s lower courts. WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court said Monday it will decide whether existing civil rights laws ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, a question that has divided the nation’s lower courts.

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Russian hackers are targeting US embassies, according to new report

Russian hackers recently attacked a number of US embassies around the world by emailing malicious attachments disguised as official State Department documents to officials, according to a new report from Check Point Research.

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