Trump’s science and tech report focuses on deregulation Today, the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) released a report on what it considers to be the Trump administration’s achievements in advancing science and tech over the past year. “The Trump administration is committed to advancing techn… Continue reading… PoweredRead More →


Tangled ‘particle’ helps scientists model rare ball lightning Ball lightning (those bright spheres of light during some thunderstorms) remains mysterious despite decades of study. But how are you supposed to get a better look at it in a lab? Researchers might have discovered how through a happy accident: crea… ContinueRead More →

Medics may slow biological time to save soldiers’ lives Battlefield medics frequently only have a brief window of opportunity to treat an injury before it’s fatal or causes permanent disabilities, and it’s frequently so fleeting that there’s not much they can do. DARPA is exploring an unusual solution to… ContinueRead More →

Cuba’s ‘sonic attacks’ may have been a side-effect of spying Remember those ‘sonic attacks’ against the American and Canadian embassies last summer, making staff queasy and raising all kinds of questions as to what happened? There might have an answer. University of Michigan researchers have theorized that t… Continue reading…Read More →

Amazon backs Marie Curie biopic starring Rosamund Pike Amazon’s latest Prime Video production won’t just rely on star power to reel you in — it should also appeal to science fans. The internet giant is teaming with France’s Studiocanal on Radioactive, a biopic covering the work and romance of pioneerin…Read More →

Throat sensor helps you recover from a stroke Your abilities to speak and swallow are frequently signs of how well you’re coping after a stroke, but measuring that is difficult. Microphones frequently can’t distinguish between the patient and ambient sounds, and there’s the not-so-small problem… Continue reading… Powered by WPeMaticoRead More →