Tiny robot prowls water lines in search of leaks

“Twenty percent of fresh water around the world is lost to leaks, but finding tiny pipe defects is nearly impossible — especially in non-metal ones used in the developing world. MIT researchers have come up with a tiny, badminton bird shaped robot that can cruise through water distribution systems and find smaller leaks than other systems can. The tech could lead to search-and-repair systems that stop water shortages and catch leaks that can cause structural damage.”  … http://buff.ly/2utzBBh


Meet an elusive, tragic, and incredibly bizarre new species of fish

Sometimes nature gives you a gift. This one looks like a two-year-old tried to sculpt a fish out of clay but got distracted halfway through. Its common name is the sunfish, but the German version is more accurate: Schwimmender Kopf, or “swimming head.”  … http://buff.ly/2uunT7G