London Mayor: Tech companies aren’t above the law The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, kicked off his SXSW 2018 keynote with some jokes that sparked a deafening laugh and applause from the audience. He first talked about how he was shocked by the amount of hipsters here in Austin, Texas,Read More →


Trump blocks Broadcom’s attempted takeover of Qualcomm Broadcom’s hopes of acquiring Qualcomm might have been quashed for good. President Trump has issued an order blocking Broadcom’s proposed takeover and anything “substantially equivalent” to it over concerns that it might “impair the national securit… Continue reading… Powered by WPeMaticoRead More →

China’s law enforcement expands use of facial recognition glasses Police in China are expanding their use of facial recognition glasses. Last month, law enforcement in the country used LLVision Technology’s facial recognition glasses to spot criminals evading the law or train and plane passengers using fake IDs amo… Continue reading…Read More →

Watch the best bits of Elon Musk’s SXSW talk Elon Musk took the stage about 30 minutes late at the Moody Theater in downtown Austin, Texas, and when he finally appeared, the sold-out crowd cheered and jumped to their feet, smartphones glowing. His conversation at SXSW was a surprise, announced…Read More →

Trump’s video game meeting may not lead to any further action Early this week, Trump at last announced that he would meet with leaders of the video game industry. Not to discuss the rising frustration with loot boxes, but to rehash the exhausted and research-debunked notion that playing games causesRead More →

Senate set to approve bill that would make credit freezes free In the aftermath of last year’s Equifax data breach, a handful of Senators led by Elizabeth Warren introduced a bill that would allow consumers to freeze their credit at any time for free. Now the Senate appears to beRead More →

NYT: President Obama could be Netflix’s next big signing Given Netflix’s recent list of talent deals, it’s hard to imagine who they could reach an arrangement with next. According to a report by the New York Times, the streaming service is in “advanced negotiations” with former President Barack Obama andRead More →

Judge suggests Trump should mute followers instead of block them Last year, the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University sued Donald Trump, then White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer and White House Director of Social Media Daniel Scavino claiming that the president’s blocking of individuals on Tw… Continue reading…Read More →

US general says efforts to combat Russian meddling aren’t going well Despite the Mueller investigation indicting 13 Russian nationals who ran social media accounts across multiple social media platforms to interfere with the 2016, the US has no unified multi-agency strategy to protect against Russian cyberattack. That… Continue reading… PoweredRead More →

Study finds fake news spreads faster and further on Twitter than truth There’s been a lot of discussion about fake news, how it spreads on social networks and how it impacts behaviors like political decisions. But there hasn’t really been an in-depth look into how true and false information spreadsRead More →

Japan sanctions cryptocurrency exchanges amid illegal activity Late last week, Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges started making (weak) moves to self-regulate. This week, Japan is cracking down on exchanges over what Reuters reports as a lack of “proper” internal control systems as a means to mitigate risk. There… Continue reading… Powered byRead More →

Trump spurns experts for his video game meeting Donald Trump is hosting a meeting today, which, according to a White House spokesperson, has been set “to discuss violent video-game exposure and the correlation to aggression and desensitization in children.” CNN’s Jake Tapper tweeted the list of at… Continue reading… PoweredRead More →

The Senate has its own insincere net neutrality bill Now that the House of Representatives has floated a superficial net neutrality bill, it’s the Senate’s turn. Louisiana Senator John Kennedy has introduced a companion version of the Open Internet Preservation Act that effectively replicates the House… Continue reading… Powered byRead More →

For the people in the back: Video games don’t cause violence Video games do not cause violent behavior. There is no scientific, consensus-backed research supporting the idea that playing video games — even bloody, realistic shooters — leads to real-life acts of brutality. However, this misguided theory prev… Continue reading…Read More →

Sri Lanka cuts off access to social networks to curb violence In an effort to curb extremist violence in Sri Lanka, government officials have ordered some social networks to shut down. ABC News’ anonymous source says that the blockage affects Facebook, Instagram, Viber and WhatsApp, specifically. In capital Col… ContinueRead More →