L’Oréal’s Skinceuticals system makes lab-grade serums just for your skin The rise of beauty tech has brought about hyper personalized care. From smart salons that cater to your hair type and color, to makeup you can apply virtually before buying, the use of tech in the cosmetics industry is designedRead More →


FDA greenlights 23andMe’s direct-to-consumer cancer risk test Cancer screening isn’t all that accessible — you typically need an obvious genetic background that suggests you’re at risk, which doesn’t help if you slip between those cracks. You shouldn’t have to run that gauntlet for much longer. The US Food and… ContinueRead More →

Medics may slow biological time to save soldiers’ lives Battlefield medics frequently only have a brief window of opportunity to treat an injury before it’s fatal or causes permanent disabilities, and it’s frequently so fleeting that there’s not much they can do. DARPA is exploring an unusual solution to… ContinueRead More →

Even hula hoops are getting the ‘smart’ treatment It’s been roughly 20 years since I picked up a hula hoop and wiggled my waist with the elegance of, well, a technology journalist with zero coordination. But here I am, in the middle of Mobile World Congress, shaking my booty whileRead More →

What does Fitbit need to succeed? Fitbit is the current king of wearables, but for how much longer? The company has recorded four successive quarters of losses since the tail end of 2016, and that’s a problem. Fitbit will publish its latest earnings results later today, and those num… ContinueRead More →

Lyft offers more rides to non-urgent medical appointments Lyft is continuing its bid to become the go-to choice for non-emergency medical trips. It’s launching a new partnership with Hitch Health that will offer Lyft rides to health care appointments across the US. The basic concept is familiar, but there… ContinueRead More →

Google AI can scan your eyes to predict heart disease Alphabet’s health science company Verily has announced a wide range of projects, from developing smart watches made for medical studies to mass-producing infected mosquitoes to curb their population. Scientists from the division have a new endeavor:… Continue reading… Powered byRead More →

Throat sensor helps you recover from a stroke Your abilities to speak and swallow are frequently signs of how well you’re coping after a stroke, but measuring that is difficult. Microphones frequently can’t distinguish between the patient and ambient sounds, and there’s the not-so-small problem… Continue reading… Powered by WPeMaticoRead More →