TechForUs has revealed the much awaited Apple Watch’s prices.

Click Here for the Prices! (3/2/2015 update, multiple sources are saying this is a projection now. Most are doubtful of this pricing scheme, myself included.)

My excitement was high for the Apple Watch, I have $600.00 squirreled away for it and I was planning on buying a second one as a gift. If this is in fact the actual prices my excitement has deflated and that gift won’t happen.

Let me explain what you are seeing on that page:

You have 3 types of watch: Aluminum, stainless steel and Gold. You have 2 sizes of watch 38mm (Ladies?) and 42mm (mens?). You have several color schemes, space grey, silver, gold and rose gold. Please note a few key things. Not all bands fit on all size watches, some bands you can only get with a watch and the prices….

My issues:

  1. Paying extra for the 42mm as apposed to the lower priced 38mm (with the exception of the gold watches this is lame at best) The Aluminum and stainless steel shouldn’t have different prices between the 38mm and 42mm.
  2. You will notice that the Milanese Loop and the Stainless Steel link watch bands can only be bought IF you buy the Apple Watch with it! So if you want one of each you would need to buy TWO Apple Watches.
  3. All bands are not for everyone! You cannot get a “Modern Leather Strap” unless you buy a 38mm Watch. Likewise the “Leather Loop” bands you can only use on a 42mm Apple Watch.
  4. In order to get the *space grey stainless steel* Apple Watch you must buy the Steel Link band version that costs $999.00
  5. Price. $999.00 for a stainless Steel watch is too high! Apple or otherwise.

I have been a Apple person for a long time. I know they cost more than other brands and I’m fine with that, However, this device is over priced.

  • I would have expected that the 38mm/42mm (gold excluded) would be the same price and that the bands would all be interchangeable as we were led to believe in every single Apple Watch add to date.
  • Lastly the prices. $350 for aluminum and $500 for stainless steel. What happens next year when you have a new model of the Apple Watch?


NOTE: —->  This may or may not be that actual numbers, let us pray this is wrong.  We shall see on March 9th


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