I am a technology enthusiast with a special interest in mobile operating systems and I also love photography. I have a vested interest in our environment and the emerging technologies that will help improve the wold that we live in.

The emerging smart home technology is of special interest to me. I own the Google Home, Hue Lighting, Nest Cam and Nest Protect.

For mobile technology I have owned devices in the Android and iOS arena. For Android I have owned: The Galaxy 6 edge plus, the Galaxy Note 7, The Galagy 7 Edge, the Nexus 6 and I still own the Nexus 9. In the iOS arena I have owned every iPhone model and my current iPhone is the Black iPhone 7 Plus. I also have the 12″ iPad Pro, Apple TV and the Apple Watch. For Desktop OS I have MacOS and Windows 10. I also have linux redhat and Caldera OpenLinux.

My political views since the Bush administration have swung from Republican to Democrat although I have personal views that are not entirely Democratic. I am not an absolute Democrat. If I see an issue that is in line with Republican views I will have my own thoughts on these issues and regardless of the partisan view I will agree or disagree.

On my site you will see a variety of posts, anything that I’m Passionate about.

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