Hisense announces new E Ink smartphone for launch on May 11

HiSense announced it will host an event on May 11 to launch a new E Ink smartphone, Gamingsym reported. The company made the announcement on April 23 widely celebrated as World Book Day. Such a device will serve as a really portable e-reader device that can be carried comfortably in the pocket. via Technology and News Today https://goodereader.com/blog/electronic-readers/hisense-announces-new-e-ink-smartphone-for-launch-on-may-11

PS5 update will add variable refresh rate support this week

PlayStation 5 owners will gain access to the long-awaited variable refresh rate (VRR) feature in the coming days. Sony will this week start rolling out a system update that will enable VRR support. via Technology and News Today https://www.engadget.com/ps5-variable-refresh-rate-vrr-release-date-193228613.html