Trump’s Truth Social reportedly lost two critical executives

Former President Donald Trump’s Truth Social may have lost its best chance at success. According to Reuters, two executives seen as critical to the platform’s success, chief technology officer Josh Adams and chief product officer Billy Boozer, recently resigned from their positions. via Technology and News Today

State Department’s new bureau makes cybersecurity a part of foreign policy

The Department of State has cut the ribbon on the Bureau of Cyberspace and Digital Policy (CDP), which is now in operation. The move makes cybersecurity a more formal area of focus for US foreign policy following a swathe of attacks linked to Russia and China. via Technology and News Today

Report: Galaxy S22 sales falling due to the GOS scandal, carrier subsidies increased to counter

It seems that the GOS scandal has seriously tarnished the image of the Galaxy S22 series in South Korea. The Korea Times reports that Samsung’s carrier partners have had to significantly amp up the subsidies to keep sales from falling. via Technology and News Today