Netflix refuses to carry Russian state TV channels

Netflix isn’t bowing to Russian pressure to carry state-owned TV channels. The streaming service confirmed to Variety that it wouldn’t carry the 20 free state channels required under a Russian law, including Channel One, NTV and Spa. via Technology and News Today

A ransomware group paid the price for backing Russia

As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine enters its fifth day, a coalition led by the US and Europe has mounted a coordinated response focused on financial sanctions and, increasingly, military aid. via Technology and News Today

Bitcoin mining is ‘less green than ever’ after leaving China

Bitcoin’s carbon dioxide pollution has gotten even worse since China ousted Bitcoin miners last year, according to a new analysis. It’s likely the result of Bitcoin miners substituting China’s abundant hydropower with coal and gas, experts say. via Technology and News Today

Russian State Media Hacked to Show Casualty Numbers for Russian Soldiers in Ukraine War

Russia has not released the number of casualties it has faced in its ongoing invasion. Hackers aimed to change that. Hacking. Disinformation. Surveillance. CYBER is Motherboard’s podcast and reporting on the dark underbelly of the internet. via Technology and News Today

The Terrible Truth So Many Experts Missed About Russia

The belief that Vladimir Putin was bluffing, that he would never give the order for the nearly 200,000-man army he had spent months amassing on the borders of Ukraine to invade, persisted as late as 5:45am Moscow time the day of the attack, when, grimacing in a red tie, Russia’s ruler of almost 23 via Technology and News Today

Alzheimer’s disease linked to circadian rhythm – new research in mice

A good night’s sleep has always been linked to better mood, and better health. Now, scientists have even more evidence of just how much sleep – and more specifically our circadian rhythm, which regulates our sleep cycle – is linked to certain diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease. via Technology and News Today

FCC to probe domestic Russian-owned media and telecom companies

The Federal Communications Commission launched an investigation this week into a large number of media, telecom and infrastructure companies that operate in the United States with ties to Russia, CNN reported. via Technology and News Today

Putin waves nuclear sword in confrontation with the West

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — It has been a long time since the threat of using nuclear weapons has been brandished so openly by a world leader, but Vladimir Putin has just done it, warning in a speech that he has the weapons available if anyone dares to use military means to try to stop Russia’s takeov via Technology and News Today

Brain’s Ability To Clear Protein Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease Controlled by Circadian Cycle

Ability of immune system to destroy Alzheimer’s-related protein oscillates with daily circadian rhythm. The brain’s ability to clear a protein closely linked to Alzheimer’s disease is tied to our circadian cycle, according to research published recently in PLOS Genetics. via Technology and News Today

Trump’s free speech app Truth Social is censoring content and kicking off users

Former President Trump’s social media platform Truth Social, which launched only two days ago, is struggling with technical glitches and onboarding new users in the early stages of its rollout. via Technology and News Today

1,000 Porsches are burning aboard this abandoned cargo ship

A massive, abandoned cargo ship is burning in the Atlantic with 3,965 Volkswagen Group vehicles on board, about a quarter of them from Porsche, according to Bloomberg. Porsche estimates that 1,100 of its vehicles are on board the Felicity Ace, a cargo ship about the size of three football fields. via Technology and News Today