Netflix refuses to carry Russian state TV channels

Netflix isn’t bowing to Russian pressure to carry state-owned TV channels. The streaming service confirmed to Variety that it wouldn’t carry the 20 free state channels required under a Russian law, including Channel One, NTV and Spa. via Technology and News Today

Alzheimer’s disease linked to circadian rhythm – new research in mice

A good night’s sleep has always been linked to better mood, and better health. Now, scientists have even more evidence of just how much sleep – and more specifically our circadian rhythm, which regulates our sleep cycle – is linked to certain diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease. via Technology and News Today

Brain’s Ability To Clear Protein Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease Controlled by Circadian Cycle

Ability of immune system to destroy Alzheimer’s-related protein oscillates with daily circadian rhythm. The brain’s ability to clear a protein closely linked to Alzheimer’s disease is tied to our circadian cycle, according to research published recently in PLOS Genetics. via Technology and News Today

1,000 Porsches are burning aboard this abandoned cargo ship

A massive, abandoned cargo ship is burning in the Atlantic with 3,965 Volkswagen Group vehicles on board, about a quarter of them from Porsche, according to Bloomberg. Porsche estimates that 1,100 of its vehicles are on board the Felicity Ace, a cargo ship about the size of three football fields. via Technology and News Today… Read More 1,000 Porsches are burning aboard this abandoned cargo ship