How to get your money back for at-home COVID test kits

While it’s nice that the government will be sending us four free at-home rapid COVID test kits a month, that’s not going to be enough for many households. via Technology and News Today

Battery Breakthrough Provides Five Times The Driving Range Of Lithium-Ion At A Lower Price

Lithium-sulfur batteries already exist, but are held back from widespread adoption by problems inherent in their design. Scientists at the University of Michigan now believe they’ve solved these problems with a major breakthrough in the field of Li-S battery design. via Technology and News Today

Why I Gave Up Reading The Wheel of Time

I’m a big fan of fantasy stories. Just ask most of my TBR customers. I’m recommending new and old fantasy novels left and right. Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time is spoken of in fantasy circles with the likes of The Lord of the Rings and A Game of Thrones. It’s huge. It’s popular. via Technology and News Today