Astronomers have a new theory that defies a fundamental necessity of life

When searching for life on another planet, we often look to Earth-like worlds that have what it takes to sustain living organisms. But some scientists are now arguing that may not always be the best place to look. via Technology and News Today

Oppo’s new foldable phone may have solved the crease problem

There’s a new foldable phone in town: The Oppo Find N. After teasing its new foldable last week, the Chinese electronics-maker launched its latest Find N foldable phone on Wednesday, during the second day of its “Inno Day” event. The new phone, which will be sold only in China starting on Dec. via Technology and News Today

Apple delays full office reopening and promises $1,000 equipment bonuses

Apple has indefinitely delayed the date which corporate employees will have to return to the office, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman and NBC News’ Zoe Schiffer. CEO Tim Cook sent an email to staff on Wednesday saying the return-to-work date is “yet to be determined. via Technology and News Today

Apple closes three more retail stores as COVID-19 infections rise

Apple has closed three of its retail stores following increased COVID-19 exposures and cases among employees, according to Bloomberg. The stores, which are located in the Brickell City Centre in Miami; Annapolis, Maryland; and downtown Ottawa, Ontario, will be closed temporarily. via Technology and News Today