Android Devices May Soon Show iMessage Reactions as Emoji

The Google Messages app on Android devices may soon start showing iMessage reactions as emoji characters instead of text, according to some digging done by 9to5Google. via Technology and News Today

Go read this look into how Amazon failed to secure customer personal data

A new investigation from Wired describes a shocking lack of concern for customer data at e-commerce giant Amazon, where employees took advantage of the faulty system to look up celebrities’ purchases, among other breaches. via Technology and News Today

How Cowboy Bebop’s jazz-infused sci-fi mirrors Afrofuturism

As a young child, I was a dreamer. I wanted to be an astronaut, and despite living in a world that constantly reinforced that Black femmes would hardly walk the moon, my family encouraged me to be driven and reach for the stars — literally. via Technology and News Today

Miami commission votes to banish electric scooters from its streets

The Miami City Commission has voted to end its multiyear experiment with shared electric scooters. In a four to five vote, the commission approved a “pocket item” (a last-minute legislative maneuver) to end the Miami scooter pilot. The ordinance went into effect at midnight November 18th. via Technology and News Today