Intel CEO warns chip shortage won’t end until at least 2023, as laptop sales get hit by supply issues

The ongoing global chip shortage is going to be a problem for a lot longer, according to Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger, who reiterated today ahead of the company’s Q3 earnings that he expects the shortage to extend until at least 2023. via Technology and News Today

Google will make it easier to separate your work and personal apps on Android

Google plans to bring Android’s work profile feature to more devices. If you’re not familiar with the tool, it separates your work and personal apps from one another and adds a toggle to your phone you can use to disable the former when you need to disconnect. via Technology and News Today

Faber-Castell Textliner Highlighter Metallic Review — The Pen Addict

(Sarah Read is an author, editor, yarn artist, and pen/paper/ink addict. You can find more about her at her website and on Twitter. And check out her latest book, Out of Water, now available where books are sold!) via Technology and News Today

People Are Baffled by Google Maps Showing a ‘Black Hole’ in the Middle of the Ocean

An image of a blacked-out island on Google Maps that has been doing the rounds on the internet. People from across the world are baffled. Is it a black hole in the middle of the ocean? Is it a volcano? Is it a portal to a newer, better world? No one knows. via Technology and News Today