The latest iOS 15.1 beta includes iPhone 13 Pro camera features

Two new iPhone 13 Pro camera features that Apple promised would be coming in future software updates have shown up in the latest developer beta of iOS 15.1. Now users can record video with Apple’s ProRes codec, and there’s a switch to turn off the automatic macro mode switching (via 9to5Mac). via Technology and News Today

Apple is making it easier to delete accounts attached to third-party apps

Apple will require developers that offer a way to create accounts in their apps to also offer a way to delete them, starting with app submissions on January 31st, 2022, the company shared Wednesday. via Technology and News Today

AirPods Pro can now boost other people’s voices during conversations

It can sometimes come across as rude when you leave your earbuds in while chatting with someone. However, those with AirPods Pro now have a better reason for keeping them on during conversations, particularly if they have mild hearing difficulties. via Technology and News Today

Halide’s latest update brings the iPhone 13 Pro’s Macro Mode to older iPhones

Halide is one of the best photography apps on the iPhone, and the company has just updated its app with a new macro feature, designed to perfectly complement the new macro mode that Apple added with this year’s iPhone 13 Pro models. But Halide’s 2. via Technology and News Today