Mars Helicopter Ingenuity’s 4K images from 13th flight and full video footage

On September 8, 2021 NASA demonstrated Ingenuity’s 4K images from 13th flight on Mars with high-detail structure of surface formation and full video of the 13th flight. This time Ingenuity Helciopter flew at lower altitude (8 meters) to make detailed surface images of Southwest Séítah. On Flight via Technology and News Today

The ‘world’s safest city’ for 2021 revealed

Asian cities like Tokyo, Singapore and Osaka formerly occupied the top spots in the Economist’s annual list of safe destinations, but Covid has turned the world on its head. Now a European city leads the pack in terms of resilience, security and wellbeing. via Technology and News Today

SpaceX’s Inspiration4 crew returns to Earth, capping first fully private mission in orbit

SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule carrying four private citizens plunged through Earth’s atmosphere Saturday night and splashed down off the east coast of Florida, closing out the company’s first all-civilian mission in space. via Technology and News Today

Man who unlocked 1.9 million AT&T phones sentenced to 12 years in prison

A US district court has sentenced a man who unlocked 1.9 million AT&T phones to 12 years in prison. Muhammad Fahd continued the seven-year scheme to defraud the company even after learning of an investigation against him, according to the Department of Justice. via Technology and News Today

Here’s exactly how much bigger the iPhone 13 batteries are

We’ve just gotten our first look at the iPhone 13s’ battery sizes, thanks to a product information sheet posted on Apple’s behalf to hazardous material information and response company Chemtrec’s website (via 9to5Mac). via Technology and News Today

Multi-Room Wireless Speakers Market 2021 Global Business Opportunities – Google, Apple, Sonos, Bose

From 2021 to 2027, recent report on the Global Multi-Room Wireless Speakers Market predicts a significant increase. Other elements taken into account in the study include the increase price, product pricing, product classification, and product upgrades and innovations. via Technology and News Today

Immigrants in U.S. Detention Exposed to Hazardous Disinfectants Every Day

Every day, crowded cells holding people at an immigration detention facility in Florida have been doused with caustic disinfectants that have caused breathing problems and bleeding, according to reports from the detainees. via Technology and News Today