Amazon is updating Kindles to make them easier to navigate

Amazon is rolling out a software update for its Kindle, Paperwhite and Oasis devices that could make them easier to use. The company announced the changes will be arriving in the coming weeks for Kindles 8th-generation and later, Paperwhites 7th-generation and newer as well as the Oasis line. via Technology and News Today

Sonos is raising prices on almost all of its products

Sonos makes some excellent connected speakers and home theater products, but no one ever said they were cheap. As of this Sunday, September 12th, they’ll cost even more here in the US. The company just announced it is raising the price of almost all its speakers; most will go up about 10 percent. via Technology and News Today

Apple Confirms Embarrassing MacBook Pro Problem

Why have MacBook screens been cracking unexpectedly? Since the launch of the new Apple Silicon powered MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops in late 2020, some users have been reporting mysterious cracks appearing in the screens. Now Apple has confirmed what is causing the issue. via Technology and News Today

Phil Collins reveals his declining health has left him unable to play the drums anymore

Phil Collins detailed the extent to which his health has declined in recent years, noting that he can no longer physically play the drums. The singer will hit the road with his band, Genesis, again later this month, reuniting with Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford. via Technology and News Today