Google Calendar will break down how much of your work is spent in meetings

Google is adding a new “Time insights” panel to Calendar on the web, showing users how much of their working week is spent in meetings. According to Google’s blog post, the feature is rolling out gradually over the next month on select plans. via Technology and News Today

Microsoft will release Windows 11 on October 5th

Microsoft is announcing that Windows 11 will be released on October 5th. The new operating system will be available as a free upgrade for eligible Windows 10 PCs, or on new hardware that ships with Windows 11 pre-loaded. via Technology and News Today

Kids in China now restricted to just 3 hours of online gaming per week

Chinese gaming platforms like Tencent and NetEast must limit online gaming to minors to just three hours per week following new rules imposed by regulators on Monday, according to Bloomberg citing state media reports. via Technology and News Today

Soon you can experience a spacewalk through virtual reality

Most of us will never be able to visit space, much less experience what it’s like to do a spacewalk. Even billionaires who can afford to pay for a trip beyond the atmosphere of our planet — or at least somewhere in that vicinity — can only look out from their spaceships. via Technology and News Today

Conservative pranksters face $5 million proposed fine over robocalls

On Tuesday, the Federal Communications Commission proposed an over $5 million fine against conspiracy theorists and conservative activists John Burkman and Jacob Wohl for making hundreds of robocalls spreading 2020 election misinformation. via Technology and News Today

Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop is out on November 19th, check out the first photos

Four years after news broke that work had begun on a live-action adaptation of beloved sci-fi anime Cowboy Bebop, the series finally has a release date. Netflix announced today that Cowboy Bebop will come in for a landing on November 19th, and here are some new photos to prove it. via Technology and News Today

This tiny Simpsons TV lets you watch tiny Simpsons TV

Reddit user buba447 has created an iconic Simpsons TV with working dials that plays episodes of the long-running animated sitcom whenever it’s turned on. The palm-sized TV was designed in Fusion 360 and printed using an Ender-3 Pro from Creality, according to its creator. via Technology and News Today

This ingestible robot delivers insulin to your body without external needles

Researchers from Italy have created a robot that could one day allow diabetes patients to get a dose of insulin without any needles. PILLSID involves two separate parts. One component is an internal insulin dispenser that a doctor would surgically implant in your abdomen. via Technology and News Today

T-Mobile confirms data breach affects over 47 million people

As part of its ongoing data breach investigation, T-Mobile has confirmed the enormity of the stolen information. Roughly 47.8 million current and former or prospective customers have been affected by the cyberattack on its systems, the carrier confirmed on Wednesday. Of that number, about 7. via Technology and News Today

Mastercard is phasing out magnetic stripes on its cards starting in 2024

Mastercard is phasing out the use of magnetic stripes on its credit and debit cards over the next decade, as the industry moves towards more secure or convenient alternatives like chips and contactless payments, the company has announced. via Technology and News Today

Cyberpunk 2077 for consoles is just $10 today at Best Buy

Only the best deals on Verge-approved gadgets get the Verge Deals stamp of approval, so if you’re looking for a deal on your next gadget or gift from major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Target, and more, this is the place to be. via Technology and News Today