Want to sound smarter? Avoid these 24 overused words and phrases that make you sound ‘pretentious,’ say grammar experts

Careful what you say or type at work — because it could backfire. As word and grammar experts, we asked dozens of managers what bothered them the most when they talk to employees and read emails or DMs from them. The most common complaint? All the “junk” words and phrases! via Technology and News Today https://www.cnbc.com/2021/07/05/avoid-saying-these-words-and-phrases-that-make-you-sound-pretentious-say-grammar-experts.html

All Coral Cells Grown in a Dish for the First Time

Studying corals usually requires either observing them alive in the ocean or examining their dead tissue in a laboratory. But new research offers a way to keep all coral cell types alive in a lab culture for two weeks or longer, opening novel experimental possibilities. via Technology and News Today https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/all-coral-cells-grown-in-a-dish-for-the-first-time/