Sony has sold 10 million PS5 consoles

The PlayStation 5 just crossed a significant milestone. Sony has revealed that it has sold 10 million PS5 consoles as of July 18th, eight months after the system’s November 12th debut. via Technology and News Today

Robot arranges 100,000 dominoes into a Super Mario Bros. mural in one day

Engineer and YouTuber Mark Rober has created a robot that can make domino murals at lightning speed, and has shown it off with a video of it arranging 100,000 dominoes into a Super Mario Bros.-themed mural in just over 24 hours. via Technology and News Today

Hubble finds evidence of water vapor on Jupiter’s largest moon

Scientists have discovered the first evidence of water vapor on Ganymede, Jupiter’s largest moon. They used new and archival datasets from the Hubble Space Telescope to find the vapor, which forms when ice on the surface sublimates and turns from solid to gas. via Technology and News Today

Star Wars: The Mandalorian Poster May Spoil Luke and Grogu’s Jedi Training

The Mandalorian’s Grogu might not yet be big enough to wield a lightsaber, but he just might be adept enough to build one in a new officially licensed wall poster from Shop Trends. And it just might foreshadow what’s in store for the character after his most recent appearance in the Disney+ series. via Technology and News Today

Fly a drone? The FAA’s new TRUST test is easy — and mandatory

If you’ve flown a drone for fun in the USA anytime in the past month, chances are you were breaking the law. That’s because on June 22nd, the FAA finally released a mandatory knowledge test every recreational pilot legally needs to complete. via Technology and News Today

‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ trailer is a treat for ‘Voyager’ fans

CBS has shared the first trailer for Prodigy, its first-ever fully computer-animated Star Trek series. The clip introduces us to the show’s cast of disparate characters. They’re stuck on what looks like a mining colony and trying to find a way to escape. via Technology and News Today

Mercedes-Benz says it will go all-electric in 2030, but with a major caveat

Mercedes-Benz says it will go all-electric by 2030, but with conditions. The German automaker says it will only sell electric vehicles “where market conditions allow,” implying that Mercedes may still sell gas-powered vehicles after 2030 in countries that lack consumer demand for EVs. via Technology and News Today

PS5 owners can get six months of Apple TV Plus for no charge

Apple and Sony have teamed up to offer PS5 owners a great promotion on the Apple TV Plus streaming service. New and existing subscribers can get six months of service for no charge by simply opening the Apple TV Plus app on PS5 (and signing in with your Apple ID, if you aren’t a current user). via Technology and News Today

Dune’s latest trailer introduces its all-star cast (and a sandworm)

After months of delays, director Denis Villeneuve’s Dune is actually coming out on October 22nd. That means that it’s time for the marketing to start spinning up for the film again, starting with a new trailer — the first in nearly a year — for the upcoming sci-fi epic. via Technology and News Today

Apple’s AirPods Max are cheaper than ever at Best Buy and Amazon

Only the best deals on Verge-approved gadgets get the Verge Deals stamp of approval, so if you’re looking for a deal on your next gadget or gift from major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Target, and more, this is the place to be. via Technology and News Today

CNN+ streaming service will offer live and on-demand content in early 2022

The rumors of a CNN streaming service were true. The network has unveiled a CNN+ service that will offer a blend of live and on-demand shows that are “separate and distinct” from existing TV coverage. It will debut sometime in the first quarter of 2022. via Technology and News Today

Ride along with Juno past Ganymede and Jupiter

The Juno spacecraft made its most recent flyby of the giant planet Jupiter on June 8, 2021. Shortly before its closest point to Jupiter – the 34th of the mission, or perijove 34 – Juno flew closer to Jupiter’s large moon Ganymede than any spacecraft has in more than two decades. via Technology and News Today

Japan breaks internet speed record with a 319Tbps data transfer

The many-gigabit internet speed records of a decade ago now seem downright inadequate. Motherboard reports that scientists at Japan’s National institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) have smashed the internet transfer record by shuffling data at 319Tbps. via Technology and News Today

NASA beams back spectacular images of Jupiter and our solar system’s biggest moon, Ganymede

NASA’s Juno probe has flown closer to Jupiter and its largest moon, Ganymede, than any other spacecraft in more than two decades — and the images it beamed back of the gas giant and its icy orb are breathtaking. via Technology and News Today