Apple apparently has a spatial audio event right after today’s WWDC keynote

Apple appears to have planned a dedicated event on Apple Music’s upcoming spatial audio feature for later today. via Technology and News Today

NASA’s Juno Set for Close Encounter with Jupiter’s Moon Ganymede

Ganymede, get ready for your close-up. No probe has gotten a good view of Jupiter’s largest moon since 2000, when NASA’s Galileo spacecraft swung past the strange world, which is the largest moon in the whole solar system. But on Monday (June 7), at 1:35 p.m. via Technology and News Today

Graphene could allow hard drives to hold 10 times more data

Solid-state drives may be the go-to for phones and most PCs and laptops, but the humble mechanical hard drive still has a place in the computing world. When you need a lot of storage for the least amount of money, they’re the way to go. via Technology and News Today