Sony A1 review: The Alpha of mirrorless cameras

Sony’s A1 is a showcase of technology including 8K video and up to 30 fps shooting with a 50-megapixel sensor. It’s very expensive, but its cutting-edge features are likely to trickle down to less-costly cameras down the road.

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NASA’s Curiosity rover has captured amazing images of clouds on Mars

According to NASA clouds are rare in the thin atmosphere of Mars, but usually form at its equator during its coldest time of year. Scientists noticed that last year — two years ago in Earth time— there were clouds beginning to form earlier than expected, so this year they were ready. via Technology and News Today

SanDisk’s new card reader dock is all I could ever want and more

Western Digital, owner of the SanDisk brand, has announced a new product called the Pro-Dock 4, and it’s all I’ve ever wanted in a card reading solution: it lets you mix and match four card reading modules, which can all be read simultaneously, and connect them all to your computer using a singl via Technology and News Today

How futuristic floating wind turbines might ride the waves

GE shared some new details today of a concept that might advance the development of futuristic floating wind farms. Floating turbines are engineering marvels — or nightmares, depending on how you see it — that could make massive swathes of deep ocean available to offshore wind development. via Technology and News Today

Netflix is holding a week-long ‘geek’ event in June about The Witcher, The Sandman, and more

Netflix is announcing a new week-long virtual event, “Geeked Week,” where it will share information about upcoming titles like The Witcher, The Sandman, and The Cuphead Show. via Technology and News Today

Google Photos will help you delete blurry pictures and screenshots

Google announced back in December it will no longer offer free unlimited backups of photos and videos in Google Photos as of June 1st. After that date, “high quality” media you upload will count towards the 15GB cap that’s shared with Gmail and Google Workspace on standard Google Accounts. via Technology and News Today

These hilarious wildlife photographs will cheer up your day

If you love cute photographs of animals then the annual Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards are a must – and are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. The 2021 competition is well under way – with entries due to close on 30 June. via Technology and News Today

What Is a TF Card and How Does it Differ to a microSD Card?

When it comes to memory cards, there are many different options on the market targeting different devices. Among these options, TF cards and microSD cards are two of the most famous. Many different categories of gadgets use these cards as their primary or secondary storage devices. via Technology and News Today

Tech Launches of The Week: Android 12, Apple Music Lossless Audio, Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G & More

Every week, we see scores of tech launches across the world and across product categories. This week we saw one of the most important software launch of this year with Android 12. via Technology and News Today

Apple says HomePod and HomePod Mini will support lossless audio after future update

In a new support document on its website, Apple dives a little deeper into the details around the upcoming launch of lossless audio on Apple Music. Apple now says that both the HomePod and HomePod Mini will support lossless audio after a future software update. via Technology and News Today